State vs Church

Rainbow flower

Yes it’s 2012 and most of us, have stood up for CHANGE in some form or another during the last 2 thousand years… We have said NO to discrimination.. colour, race, age, male/female and sexual orientation… and YES to equality… So why oh why is ‘The Church/Religion’ wanting to be different… to be excluded from everything?

In the past we needed the domination, the guidance from above… we were sheep… afraid and lost…

But it’s 2012 now and we the people are awakening to our own authentic power and magnificence… we are choosing what we like, what we want to do, what we want to say… we are choosing FREEDOM to be unique and equal… So who the hell do you think you are… Hierarchy of the Church to continue to dismiss women and deny to marry people outside the ‘old fashioned’ man/woman who can give birth to a baby…

God is Love, Marriage is about Love…  Making Love is beautiful to whom ever you choose…

We are no longer cave men and women, afraid of survival and needing answers from outside of ourself… it’s been a long road… we have had many experiences, but we have come to the understanding that we are indeed…intelligent and loving human beings, responsible for ourself and know our answers lie within… so please let us get on with it…  step out of our way… We are the state and YES we challenge the ancient laws which govern The Church… We want CHANGE… We want equality everywhere, for everything… We are worth it!

Is the Church afraid of losing its power… hanging onto old and outdated laws…

I believe it’s time now to accept CHANGE… honour and respect each other and live together in cooperation and harmony…  We are all CREATORS, we can shape our life as we have always dreamed of…  Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…



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