Do GENES control my Destiny? and am I a VIOLENT animal?

I thought I would bring this post back up that I wrote last year…  Barbara

Me, My Magnificent Self


We reward disrespect and ignorance with so much money, praising ‘famous celebrities’ all in the presence of our children… who learn that this is normal and good behaviour.  We walk past people living in squalor, we are frightened of the impending terrorism from religious fanatics, we choose to vote for one of the political parties… knowing they are all as ego-minded and power hungry as the other and we educate our children and future medical professionals with ancient scientific theories…

Are we really so content and happy with how we live now?  Or is it that we feel there is no point in standing up for ourself and making the best of our life… because of all the limited beliefs we have taken on…  and hearing the continual sermon from the local church… that we are all born sinners and mere pawns under the thumb of GOD… so all good…

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