IAM Reverence…


Our daughter Juliette…

I take some deep

beautiful breaths

eyes wide open

looking around me

while sitting comfortably

and peaceful

content in my knowing

IAM creation…

Everything I see

is the outer layerimages-33

the chosen form

to embody authentic

beauty and power

that emanates out

into the world…

I feel the sacrednessimages-31

and honour ALL

every form unfolding

its unique story…

This perception of mine

is my response

to the qualities I admire images-29

and resonate with

on my journey

experiencing ALL

in the dense fog

on the Earth plane…

IAM Reverenceimages-34

recognising the divine

within and without of me

the interconnection

the interdependency

the uniqueness within

the oneness…

Barbara Franken
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…

21 thoughts on “IAM Reverence…

    • yes it was going to be today… but… it is brewing… has a deep wound that is taking it’s time to come up and talk to me… Hope you enjoyed the poem about reverence… that is all part of my journey of knowingness…. I never understood the word fully before… Barbara

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