Intergalactic Help…


My friend Shaun has created a great library on the ISON comet and is observing it, tracking and questioning it… I replied to him that I was glad that he was skeptical because to blindly accept things from others is not really smart in this day and age when we can be our all knowing and authentic self… I also said that no matter what the religious and scientific people say about doomsday scenarios, fear mongering aliens and end of the world… I know for sure, after working hard for the last 25 years together with my divine brothers and sisters (here on wordpress too) to balance the duality of love and fear… The balance is swaying on the side of LOVE…

And because of this positive attitude and compassion we have generated for ourself and each other we are attracting more and more LOVE and YES these ufo’s that can be seen… are escorting a big meteorite on it’s journey safely past Earth’s Solar System… They have the technologies that can help redirect it past Earth and our Solar System safely, if necessary… Our friends from other planets are helping our planet keep safe… Earth is a very special planet, it stands for the experience of LOVE and NURTURE…


Similar to life on Earth, having both loving and fear-mongering people… there must be both out there too… The bad guys have visited us in the past, but now it’s time for the good guys to come and help us save our planet…  (See my Galactic post on the original sin and fall from grace)

So lets not doubt and worry… but observe and feel into the positive side of duality and allow LOVE to expand… No more fear… and so it is… Barbara

A link to Shauns post…

13 thoughts on “Intergalactic Help…

    • Oh yes… Shirley Maclaine opened my world up to the unknown in the late 80’s and she is an avid researcher of secrets hidden from the general public… she lives now in great view of many ufo’s comings and goings…and continues to report… And slowly more and more documents are coming out of the visits we have had and continue to have from our neighbouring planets… but slow enough not to blow people’s minds completely wide open…
      I haven’t heard of Richard Hoagland but will take a look at his writing.. Thanks… Barbara

  1. This is an exciting time. Once in a lifetime thing this is…
    4 Comets in the Sky soon visible. The chances of ISON hitting us is Zero. We may “May” go through the comet trail, but I think Asteroids like the big Russian one will be few and far between.
    4 Comets:
    I added a twist of religious scripture to this one. As it does add up and ,match up.
    Never before in recorded history will we be able to see 4 Comets in the Sky.

    For people like me who research from the Highlands in Scotland, this is an amazing time. I love to get the Telescope out on the top deck where I get full sky view with no light pollution is just AMAZING..

    Thank for for the mention
    Eyes to the Skies.. 😀


  2. Barbara, I really enjoy the variety of topics that you cover, I love the concept that earth is to love and nurture, yet it does not always feel that way to me!

    I am also here to remind you that you post is due tomorrow. I am looking forward to reading aobut your adventure 🙂


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