I feel and see MAGIC everywhere…


I have felt for quite a while that IAM walking in two worlds… one part of me firmly anchored into Mother Earth, consciously breathing in the loving life force that IAM, living in each moment and being true to myself and my soul’s dream… and the other ‘human’ part of me, seems to be practicing an increased amount of ‘doubt’… instead of my normal feeling and responding to my human experience in a loving way… IAM hearing my mind’s voice shouting quite loudly ‘what’s happening’, ‘what can I do’, ‘I said it wrong’, ‘they don’t care’, ‘I didn’t do it right’ and on and on and on…  I even went to bed the night before last asking for help…. It felt like I couldn’t get out of this rut…

I don’t always get to read my fellow friends posts via the reader, so visit and comment following my blog list, which takes time to get around (I couldn’t imagine how I would get around 25,000 never mind 40,000 friendships) but in between I have learned to visit blogs intuitively, that feel appropriate or friends will prompt me to visit someone… Sometimes I notice that many of us write about a particular theme at the same time (or a least when I get around to reading it)… and this usually means that IAM about to expand or shift my body consciousness…  At the moment MAGIC is the theme ‘in the light’… which definitely inspired me last evening, during my dreamtime last night and today… Magic is just what the doctor ordered…

After all my time learning, practicing and teaching, about always having a choice to choose the side of doubting self (Ms Misery) or loving self (Ms Magnificent)… my ‘doubting poor me’ voice in my head wanted to take over… maybe a last attempt, knowing ‘the end was nigh’… that there was only room for love and magic in my life…  

So thanks to my intuition (the communication between my divineness and my humanness) and my friendships on WordPress I was inspired to take a close look at what was happening… I welcomed the doubtful voice to come and join me, to express everything it needed, until there was no fear energy left anymore… I felt and saw the dark bubbles of my doubt becoming clearer, taking on a new vibration and transforming into light love bubbles… My body consciousness was shifting… I had chosen to integrate old aspects of myself that had come to the surface to be loved… It probably wouldn’t be the last time I would have to do this, but I was now lighter.. I was smiling… I felt the MAGIC that I know is always around me…  that IAM… and I see the MAGIC that seeps through to our physical world from unknown realms, waiting for me to discover new potential… IAM once again  Ms Magnificent and I feel joyful indeed…

I don’t do awards for many reasons… but I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all my friends on WordPress who take the time and heart to create a true sister/brotherhood with me here…   and you all know who you are… IAM thankful for your uniqueness and love and honour you all…


I would also like to share a few inspirational people who’s posts helped inspire this recent shift… no matter what they are experiencing, they remain true to themself, they choose to see magic and love and share this with others in their heartfelt words… truly inspirational and IAM grateful to them all…  why not take a visit and get to know them…


Barbara Franken
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…

I posted this post just about the same time that Nelson Mandela passed this earth…
He can rest now… This is my salute to him..


I hold my head up high to you in the sky today…
You can rest now…
A truly FREE man that you created possible for yourself…
and a living example of how everyone can be…
You truly were an ascended master as you walked the earth…
You can rest now…
Responsibility is now ours, taking care of ourself…
Creating peaceful surroundings for our community…
Thanks to you and all that you have been…
Thank you Nelson Mandela..
You can rest now…
Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…

32 thoughts on “I feel and see MAGIC everywhere…

  1. Me too, in fact I think I might start this dialogue with myself when either of them visit, and yes we can all relate, and need to acknowledge and listen to whatever calls we are receiving. I am sending you lots of love and thank you for all your gifts you share. ❤

  2. I really appreciated this post Barbara. I am really in throes of an psycho-spiritual meltdown, overstimulated by chaos and magic dancing side by side. I like how you described your inner world in a way that we can understand and relate.

    Thank you also for including my blog on your list. I do feel and see magic everywhere, even when darkness and negativity take center stage ( temporarily I hope ! )

    Keep moving along your journey and setting a great example for those who are striving to awaken..


  3. Lovely post. I enjoyed reading your process of letting Ms Misery talk and releasing her fears. That struck me as something that I could do too. I agree with you about getting to posts that help us “see” things…at that perfect time!

    Awesome that you have Linda, Sue and Sindy on your list…awesome women for sure!

    • Thanks Shree for your true loving words… and you do know and I know, that you are awesome, colourful and magical and the only reason you weren’t on my list this time is because I didn’t come to your blog during this particular time period… I intend to do this more often (I think), as it is a way of helping everyone expand… and I will make sure I connect with you… but these lists (awards too) always leave people out, for many different reasons… and even when we are being Ms Magnificent, we feel one of our heart strings twang from not being included as we know we are truly all one and at that moment we are made to feel separate… It’s a human thing and IAM not sure we can ever truly get past this… my opinion only)… So dear Shree… you are me and IAM you and I thank you… Love Barbara x

  4. My own intuition brought me to your blog today as I catch up. Like you I miss many posts via the reader and my email box is heaving.. I think many of us at times have self doubt that creeps in..

    I have found that when I become quiet for a time, I think perhaps nothing is happening as I rest up to drink in family and put their needs first, and doubts creep in as to my direction in life, Its these times when the Magic returns … Today I had not intended to post.. Until I saw the news of Nelson Mandela last evening…
    Spirit teach us while when we think nothing is happening.. In fact that is when they are the most busy behind the scenes..
    Today I sat, just sat, looking at the birds feeding on the bird feeders in our garden… They brought me so much pleasure as I saw them bathing in the bird bath… Sometimes we complicate life when we should just TRUST… Like the birds as they get up each day expecting nothing but receiving all they need ..

    Thank you most kindly for including me in your list of the inspirational.. I have felt the Magic today from seeing we do touch lives no matter how small.. Just like those birds who know not I am here.. I hope as strangers read our words we inspire and bring Magic to their lives….

    Your tribute to Nelson Mandela is lovely… He truly was an ascended Master Barbara, who I am sure has been welcomed Home with much love to a job well done…

    Sue xox

  5. That you SO much for mentioning my blog. I really appreciate it.
    I understand your tug between Ms Magnificent and Ms Misery or Ms Doubter.
    I TRY to only write my blog posts when I am feeling Ms Magnificent but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way, (and also it isn’t being true).
    I really appreciate your humbleness and honesty in this post. You are inspirational.

  6. I remember when I started blogging, I was so astonished when I got an award, & thought “Wow, someone can really see I have something to offer here!!” but then I realised they’re a dime a dozen, and sort of a hobby to many!! They’re a compliment, but not really much substance.

    I hear you on the doubt front, Barbara. Your blog’s great though, honest and magic. May the magic continue 🙂

    • I suppose it’s like everything in our dual world, it has disadvantages and advantages… and thankfully we are all individually unique and can choose… Thank you for your kind words and yes, here’s to magic for the both of us… Barbara

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  8. Hello dear Ms Magnificent! I did the same with my Ms. Misery yesterday evening, hearing her, embracing her with the energies of Divine Love and Acceptance. And now I found your post, and am laughing so. Thanks, it is so lovely. Also thanks from my heart for the acknowledgment of my blog. Wow!

    Love, love, love,


    PS. Have you seen my Magic Child in December post (Dec 3th). :))

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