January Challenge… Our Awakening Experiences…

DSC03473I was having a little fun dressing up as a beautiful knight in shining armour… All dressed up to show off my importance and to protect myself from the demands of others… Haven’t we come a long way since these days of knowing no better than to fight the good fight and conquer material things in recognition of our MAGNIFICENCE…

It’s the last day of January and I thought I would post a short piece in recognition of January’s Challenge and our daily posts recalling the personal experiences of our awakening… Recognising that there is indeed more than we physically perceive, that we are truly part of source, god, love or anything else we like to call the energy that everything is made up of… We are all, each in our own time and unique way naturally awakening, bringing the human being to the next frequency, vibration, level…

There have been a few ‘enlightened’ masters before us who have passed over… Ascended Masters who continue to watch over us… but now it is time for the awakened human being to take the next quantum leap and allow their own enlightening and ascension to take place here on earth… It is time for many embodied ascended masters, from all across the world, from each community, region and culture to anchor the new energy consciousness in their own unique and magnificent way… co-creating a peaceful and harmonious earth… right here and now…

If you have been reading each day the collection of awakening experiences and journey’s into love that we are sharing together, you will have felt as I do… so connected, so inspired and so grateful with all our friendships here on wordpress… My heart has opened wide in the understanding of our individual uniqueness, yet resonating with the similarities of our life experiences…

IAM so thankful to you all and I know we are creating together a magnificent E Book for others to read our amazing awakening experiences and journey in life… I have my magical 33 number of amazing people for this challenge which runs until February 8th… After which I will put all the stories together and present a lovely E Book to you all, to share around the world… to help keep our own inspiration and creation going strong and that of many others… who are now on the verge of their own awakening…

So I say CHEERS to you all… and to continuing our awakening experiences into February…


Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…

The Schedule for others to enjoy reading…

1st     Barbara  – https://memymagnificentself.wordpress.com
2nd    Paddy    – http://paddypicasso.wordpress.com
3rd     Emanuel- http://emantable.com/musings-of-a-table/
6th     Julianne – http://juliannevictoria.com
7th     Sarah     – http://theskycladwriter.wordpress.com
8th     Shree     – http://heartsongsblog.wordpress.com
9th     Dace      – http://mywaytotruth.wordpress.com
10th   Korinn    – http://www.korinn.com
11th   Sindy     – http://bluebutterfliesandme.wordpress.com
12th   Stefanie – http://dancingwithstefanie.com
13th   Mick      – http://meticulousmick.wordpress.com
15th   Megan   – http://mychroniclifejourney.wordpress.com
16th   Pat         – http://patinspire.org
17th   Marga    – http://lifeasimprov.com
18th   Kimberley – http://kimberlyharding.wordpress.com
21st   Heather     – http://wildflowerwomen.wordpress.com
23rd    Sue          – http://suedreamwalker.wordpress.com
24th    M…          – http://seeingm.wordpress.com
25th    Brian G    – http://middlepane.com
26th    Dotta       – http://dottaraphels.wordpress.com
27th    CW          – http://sunflowerrosecw.wordpress.com
28th    Laurie       – http://lauriesnotes.wordpress.com
29th    Debra       – http://ptero9.com
30th    Linda        – http://lindalitebeing.wordpress.com
31st    Michael     – http://navigator1965.wordpress.com
1st      Leigh        – http://bluegrassnotes.wordpress.com
2nd     Shaman   – http://shamanictracking.com
3rd     Joss         – http://ccwow.wordpress.com
4th     Jenna       – http://jennadee222.wordpress.com
5th     Shelley     – http://livingwithshadows.wordpress.com
6th     Elisabeth  – http://almostspring.com
7th     Michael    – http://embracingforever.com
8th     Lehua       – http://amusingspirit.wordpress.com
9th     Aleya        – http://alohaleya.wordpress.com


31 thoughts on “January Challenge… Our Awakening Experiences…

  1. Wow, I can’t believe it’s the 31st today, time,oh time!
    That said, thank you so much Barbara for an amazing idea and the generous spirit to share it with so many of us. Personally, I have had an incredible filling, reading and re-living each and every journey here.
    Ours is indeed an awesome universe,those foolish(lol) enough to allow her lead, definitely have beautiful surprises awaiting them. I look forward to reading the eBook and more projects like this one.

  2. This has been an incredible project. I have gained so much illumination on so many levels from the magnificent tales shared here.
    I do have a practical question: Has everyone on your cirrent list published a post? I do not recall seeing anything for some of the earlier blogs?

    thanks and love, Linda

  3. Hi Linda… illuminating is a perfect word to describe this project.. YES… I believe they all published except for Paddy, but he did send in his story and will appear in the Ebook… not sure why he didn’t post though… Jenna who is scheduled for the 4th Feb actually published on 23th Jan… but I think everyone else on the above schedule posted more or less on the day… I will check it all out… Cheers Barbara x

  4. Ditto Barbara, this has been an amazing project and I am honored to be a part of it, although initially I did not foresee the gifts I would receive from reading other’s stories.

    I’ve made a few new friends and am confirmed in my belief that extraordinary experiences can and do happen to ordinary people.

    If there were only one message that I could pass on to the world, it’s that no one should count themselves out from having the most extraordinary experiences that life has to offer. We are all Masters of our own experience.

    Again thank you for initiating this project.

  5. What a gift this has been to each of us. I stand in grace and thank you Barbara for setting it in motion. Last night I started to read a book I have had for sometime by Jennifer James, Visions From the Heart and it is now the perfect time to read this book as it seems to flow naturally with what we have all shared about each of us embarking on our inner journey. I love how the universe works when we allow it to seep in without setting up blockages!

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    • Thankyou Jake… I’ve been to your blog and I understand you this sort of thing… It has been a great experience for myself and many of my friends here… Glad to meet you too and look forward to enjoying your journey… Barbara

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  8. Thank you again for making me a part of this. i have gained many insights from reading the awakening experiences and i really look forward to the ebook incase i have missed some! i have posted the 1st part of my story today. i felt i needed to split it into two parts, the fall and the rise. you do not need to include both. the rise will stand on it’s own i simply wanted to explain in detail where i was in my life journey.

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