25 years of LOVE and CANCUN… Mexico… Here we are again…


It felt as if Tom and I had stepped into a time warp… back to the early 90’s…

A wonderful breeze of hot mexican air… friendly smiling deep tanned ‘small folk’… palm trees swaying in a beautiful blue sky… stretches of ultra white glistening sand and turquoise seas… ocean waves lapping on the land, a heavenly feeling of Gaia’s gentle caress that touches the depth of your heart and soul that is connected to ALL… laughter and screams of joy from children and young adults as they jump the waves, splash in the pool and dance to the deep music vibrations in the local night clubs… lying on the beach soaking up the sun, drifting off to a place of enchantment and silence… resting the body and mind of the busyness of ‘normal’ life and allowing one’s spirit to come into the foreground and ignite inspiration and passion with a feeling of peace swaying in the background…


“What was it that brought us here year after year for 25 years… to enjoy this small piece of the world”… Tom asked…


This time warp that we had both slipped back into… so easily… connected us to the deep feeling, the joy and passion of life… that had, IAM SURE… spurred us on to settle in Mazarron Country Club 7 years ago… another unspoilt, tranquil and peaceful environment where we allowed ourself’s to connect deeply with ALL OF OURSELF… body, mind and spirit… we had learned to be at peace, to refuel, recharge and experience the nothingness in life… wherever we were…


But today… 7 years later… following the yearning of our hearts… we are back for a well deserved ‘Time Out’ before we move to our new home in Benalmadena, Costa del Sol…  There are more tall buildings, more people, traffic, shops, restaurants and hotels… but nothing could cover up the peaceful hum, the natural colours and shapes of Gaia’s presence here… Long ago we had both connected with the natural vibration of LOVE that is here… that brought us to the core of ourself… and will always remain special to us… Over the last 25 years we’ve shared this paradise with our family and friends… We joined together and committed ourself’s to each other, for better and worse here on our beach… on our rock…


Our Rock… We will respect and honour each other for eternity…


Our old apartment… Carisa Y Palma…

IMG_2117We feel truly home… a place to celebrate our love for ourself and each other… 25 years.. quite a milestone… Enjoy the photos… and here’s to new inspiration for the creation of another post from CANCUN, Mexico… Hasta Luego Amigo/a’s…



A quote that is engraved on a building here on the beach that we have always resonated with…  ‘Life is lost in dreaming… Dreaming is lost in Becoming…’  So let us live mindfully in each moment of our life and allow ourself to be our grandest heart and soul’s dream ever…

Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…


p.s.  Please share our Free E Book that can be downloaded from here and my home page on the side bar… ‘A selection of true awakening experiences’… to inspire more and more hearts to allow their natural awakening… that is happening now…



16 thoughts on “25 years of LOVE and CANCUN… Mexico… Here we are again…

    • Hi Heather… It’s growing by the day, new hotels and unfortunately some of our old quaint haunts with delicious food are now derelict… but going out tonight to discover what’s new… take care, love Barbara

  1. What a beautiful spot to connect in, I can see the allure. I’m so craving a piece of peace like that surrounded with beautiful sun, blue water and sand.
    I love this, thanks for sharing, it made me feel at peace just reading your words and taking in your lovely photos.
    I love that…dreaming is lost in becoming ~ How beautiful!

    • Thank you Andrea for resonating with this beautiful paradise… and the words to encourage us to be our heart and soul’s dream instead of getting lost in our physical reality becoming something else… Barbara

  2. Wave to the waves there for me. It is a magic magic magic part of the world that holds my heart in a happy place as well. CONGRATULATIONS for choosing such beauty to celebrate the quarter of a century! Time flies by when one is in love and having fun. -x.M

  3. Truly magical photos. Color. One word. And it is SO appreciated by someone who sees snow for months now. Thank you, Barbara! And thank you for the visit at my blog! Love, Amy

  4. Hi Barbara
    For some reason I thought you were in Florida!??? Oh well Cancun is certainly beautiful and a wonderful place to be. Enjoy yourselves and look forward to reading more of your adventures. lol anna xxx

  5. Beautiful photos Barbara, and Happy Anniversary! I had a blast when I was in Cancun. If you happen to see any posters with my picture which reads “Banned” please let me know. LOL Enjoy

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