…and the secret is out… For a healthy body, mind and spirit.


Now and again I read medical/scientific reports that literally open my eyes wide in disbelief, even in shock as the truth resonates with my heart and my own truth.  One such report I read about a year ago (concerned more and more people being put on statins for high cholesterol) and has stayed with me, but obviously didn’t impress me enough to act… until I read a similar report about a month ago about the same subject that rang bells.  I tore the page out of the magazine and gave it to my husband Tom to read and I began to think about writing a blog post about it…

But life went on and I didn’t feel I knew what exactly to write… until 2 weeks ago Tom went into the doctors surgery to check his blood/urine etc. as he felt something was out of balance.  A week later the results were available… his blood sugar was dangerously high and his kidney function had decreased… the doctors sent us to the emergency hospital for control.

A lovely young Spanish lady doctor took care of him, ordered another set of tests, gave him ½ a bag of saline solution with insulin and waited to see his body’s reaction.  It brought his blood sugar right down and as everything else was ok, she sent us home (after 8 hours) telling him to continue taking his new diabetic medication and return to his doctor after 10 days to see how it was going.

Tom and I were both in a bit of a shock wondering how we had let it come this far.  As usual I went on the internet and read everything I could on diabetes.  I came across a lot of ‘old truths’, from doctors and institutions who continue to work in the old way of treating the symptoms instead of using their natural sense of healing and looking for the root cause.  I also came across many reports from scientists and doctors based on new research into the many chronic sicknesses that most of the population are now falling into, in young and older age… diabetes, cancer, alzhiemers, ms, arthritis, parkinsons + many more that have been put into the auto-immune disease category… (here is a shocking list of 150 diseases Autoimmune and Autoimmune…).  They all have inflammation as the root cause.

Now going back to the interesting report I read on high cholesterol, as I had become concerned that statins were being handed out to everyone like lollipops… and I wanted Tom to ask his doctor to begin decreasing his medication of them together with all the other pills he had been prescribed to prevent another heart attack.

The report is here for you to enjoy reading… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mercola/the-cholesterol-myth-that_b_676817.html  It basically tells the story of a group of people connected to the pharmaceutical industry, that a few years ago, decided together to reduce the ‘risk level’ of cholesterol in the body that was good for you.  Yet, actual new research was coming out that explained that when a part of our body becomes inflamed, cholesterol was the one coming into the area to bandage and heal the inflammation.  The more inflamed our body becomes, the more cholesterol can be found in that area, making cholesterol not the bad guy, but the underlying inflammation.  Reducing our cholesterol only lessens our ability to heal ourself… and ultimately… we need to realise and heal the root cause of inflammation of our body.

I’ve listed here below some of the links I found interesting to read from doctors, scientists and the public that resonated with MY TRUTH…

Dr Hyman’s Blog Post
Dr Rosdale’s website
Dr Rosdale’s Blog
Physician Scientists Jeff and Steve
Video about Nutritional Ketosis
Chronic Inflammation
Dr Andrew Weil’s Anti-inflammatory Diet
Low Carb experience by Steve Gilson
Low carb/high fat changed my life
Low Carb experience by Awesome Ashild
Ketogenic Diet Plan by Ellen

Cutting a long story short…

During the last 10 – 15 years, (having personal experience with Tom having  2 heart attacks) we have all been told to eat a high carb and low fat diet.  Like so many others I ditched the butter, cut out all the fat on meat and stocked up on margarine, grains, beans, rice, pasta and potatoes, low fat cheese, milk, yogurt etc…. and of course portions of fruit and veg.  The food industry has gone overboard in providing low /0- fat products, juices, soda’s, cereals, breads, crackers, crisps, biscuits and cakes that all contain, high salt, high sugar/or substitute sugar which is actually worse and ‘bad oils’ (high frutose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils).  The fast food chains, processed foods in supermarkets and chain restaurants also use highly processed hydrogenated oils.   So where does that leave us now… with a slow burning, inflamed population being diagnosed with all sort of diseases.  

My initial shock is over and I changed our diet in a matter of hours… butter and lard is back in the fridge (to use minimally) lots of good oil sources, mushrooms, salad and fresh veg or stir fry’s are the daily food with just enough protein in the form of ‘small farm’ eggs, chicken, steak, bacon, cheese, fish to be of use in the body before it turns into glucose. Gone are the carbs and the sugar.  So low carb/high good fat and do you know what… we are both no longer hungry in-between 4 small meals a day, we feel more active and IAM losing my love handles and toms stomach is shrinking well.  Because our carbs are low, the body is changing back to its natural way of burning… burning fat (ketones) instead of glucose (which relies on insulin)… Just like how we used to burn food before agriculture and processing foods were introduced because of our need to feed quantity to the thousands.

I’ve heard people argue that this diet is too expensive, but I have to respond by saying I don’t need to eat quantity anymore.  My body is much more satisfied with small potions of good natural food and drink (a glass of good red).  So my small quality actually balances  the expense.

Humankind is again going through a big shift… of consciousness… and with our new level of awareness we are (our body, mind and spirit) vibrating on a higher and lighter level.  Our bodies are becoming more and more ‘energy self-sufficient’ (beginning with our breath) and we find we don’t need to eat as much anymore and can choose to eat to enjoy and thrive, rather than survive.

Unknown I have summarised some interesting information here below in the hope that it resonates with your own truth and instigates you to find out your own answers as to what is good for your own body and mind.  We must remember that we are each unique and have different needs depending upon our interests and activities and only we can know how to remain healthy, feel well and thrive in our older years, simply by listening to our own body’s wisdom instead of that of society.

Carbohydrates are complex sugars and together with the single sugars that are readily available in abundance all around us, are actually causing our body to get an overload of glucose.  Excess glucose is stored as fat in the body, normally around the belly/hips.  As most carbohydrates and sugars leave us constantly hungry we regularly indulge in snacking which causes us to become fatter and our blood sugar (glucose) level to yo-yo until… the pancreas that produces insulin and normally sends it to transfer the glucose to appropriate cells that need energy, loses the signal or connection that says ‘how much/less insulin to produce.  It is called insulin resistance (the links above explain it well). The bottom line is… insulin doesn’t do its work anymore of lowing the blood sugar level, healthy cells get deprived of energy and all other organs begin to fail.  Blood sugar level higher than 110 is put into a category of Diabetes II, where Tom now is and most of the population are on the way to getting there.

If we are not paying enough attention to our body, listening to it’s wisdom as to what is good and not so good for it, we are probably on the way to being diagnosed with diabetes or most certainly preparing ourself for another ‘dis-ease of the body’… The new research is telling us that our bodies are becoming more and more inflamed. (See link above for Autoimmune and Autoimmune showing 150 diseases of the body that are now connected to root cause inflammation). Not with the normal inflammation when we have a physical trauma or infection and our immune system responds to the area healing it. (we can look at sore throats, hives, rashes, sprained ankle), but inflammation ‘overload’, because our immune system has began attacking itself through its confusion and unreliable connection and response to our internal signals.  This has come about through our poor diet that is high in sugar, carbohydrate, trans, saturated fat, lack of exercise, constant stress, hidden viruses/bacteria/parasites/yeasts, allegens from food and the environment and last but not least from being too thin or too fat.

When we are under constant stress, worrying about everything, fearing about the future, not feeling safe and spiralling towards depression, our immune system receives constant signals ‘of being in distress’ and sends armies and armies of white blood cells from the bone marrow to the ‘danger’ areas.  Cortisol, the hormone produced in the adrenals from cholesterol,  join the area under distress as it’s main function is to balance  (depending on fight or flight mode) our stress, inflammation and metabolism levels in order to regulate energy production and tell the liver to produce more/less glucose for energy in times of ‘preparing to fight the good fight’.

So you can imagine now we have an excess of glucose being produced… coming from our diet and from our stress level which eventually confuses our internal signals with the constant pressure and overload of hormones like cortisol (that inhibit enzymes like insulin from storing the glucose as fat) and instead, we force the glucose to remain in the area and cause inflammation overload.  A perfect recipe for malfunction of the blood and one by one our organs begin to fail and eventually shut down.

A blood test can test for C-reactive Protein which measures the amount of inflammation you have in the body.


It was the inflammation that came in response to Toms high glucose (from his sugar craving which he ate to ease his ongoing distress with certain personal matters, making his belly bigger) and eventually caused his healthy cells to become resistant to insulin, raising his blood sugar and affecting the function of his kidneys.

Both my and Tom’s awareness has expanded with this recent new experience and we are now choosing to listen more to our body and enjoy a new life style that we see immediately improving our body and mind.  No more sugar or stress but living with ease and grace and reversing the dis-function to well-functioning of the body.

IAM looking at inviting my WordPress friends and friends outside,to create together another ‘Free E Book’ that contains true stories of the awaking physical body and mind and the changes it now calls for…  The title could be… The awakening physical body and mind and its needs now.   We could each write something about our body/mind experience and important new research that is coming out that resonates with us.  To begin In January, giving us time to research and look at our story.

What do you think?  I’ll begin the month off on Monday 5th January 2015 with my own experience… please let me know here in the comments and I’ll start a date schedule…  and thanks for joining me in creating more and more awareness in the world… 

Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…

19 thoughts on “…and the secret is out… For a healthy body, mind and spirit.

  1. Dear Barbara.. what a very informative post.. And I concur with lots of your findings here..
    My daughter manages a Health Food Store, and told us ages ago as we were ditching butter etc for low cholesterol products .. She told us butter was better.. and to cut out Sugar and low carb..
    So many people now are having these statins dished out and with pharmaceutical’s rewarding Dr’s each time a new patient is put on these tablets and others is it any wonder our bodies are now chemically confused..

    Wishing you both continued good health..
    Sorry I will not be taking part in your survey post .. As I really have nothing else further to add..
    Much love.. And all the best to you both..
    Sue xox

  2. Very informative posting Barbara. My son started eating Paleo some years back and got me thinking me along the lines of what you write about. While I don’t eat 100% Paleo, I switched up how I was eating and reduced my carb intake drastically and do my best to eat protein, as many veggies as I can muster, and some fruit. I try at all costs to stay away from processed anything. As a mid 50 year old, my blood work and health are great and I feel good as well. Wishing you the best on this new journey. If I could just get my parents to make a switch! Thanks so much for sharing you inspiring story with all of us! ❤

    • Thanks Heather for enjoying my post and for adding your information… my mum realises it as well now but doesn’t see how she can change or even put it all into practise at 80.. I told her, little by little… Barbara

  3. YES!!! I am finding the same thing for myself- low carb, traditional fat diet makes me feel better! For me, the inflammation I was unaware of came from allergic reaction to a common food additive called xanthan gum. It is the black moldy stuff you get on your cauliflower 😉 and yes, it is mold. Mold is my #1 allergen and I was eating it in EVERYTHING! It works to emulsify ingredients and give food that “silky” in your mouth feel. I have found it primarily in sauces, including every salad dressing I can find (apparently we are too lazy to shake?!) but also things like ice cream, frozen french fries… and it is in nearly every gluten free substitute product as well. You are so right- you need to know your body, how you feel and realize what you are putting into it! Thanks for writing this!

  4. It is great that you are focussing on your health and diet.
    It is a fallacy that traditional healthy diets are lower in carbohydrate. .
    Many diets in cultures that live to a long age are high in carbohydrate. It is the TYPE of carbohydrate that is important. Low-glycemic slow acting carbohydrates as opposed to high-glycaemic fast acting carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy diet. Also calorie restriction serves for better health. That is; it may be excess calories that is doing the damage in modern societies rather than whether the source of damage is carbohydrate or fat (although I personally believe that the TYPE of fat and TYPE of carbohydrate are both important).
    For example the people who have the highest incidence of centenarians – the Okinawas – traditionally have 50-80% of calories from carbohydrate. This is much higher than the recommended levels and certainly way higher than that advocated by low-carb diets. However, it is noted that their diet is also lower in overall calories which may also be a key factor.

    • Hi Elisabeth… Surely our traditional diets, before agriculture and processing foods were based on fats and carbohydrates from root vegetables… IAM sure not enough meat was caught to cause a problem in the body from fat and there was no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, cookies and cakes… so no overload on carbohydrate too. In my mums generation when they worked on the farm the diet was indeed high in carbohydrate, but they managed to burn it off working and didn’t indulge in shop processed cookies and cakes, my grandma made homemade puddings instead. I agree with you on the glycaemic index of carbs and that is why IAM eating many root and green veg to get my share of carbs. Also to limit the saturated fats that are tied to protein. Advocados are my favourite and living on the coast of spain we get some really good fish… and like I said I don’t have a need to eat so much anymore so not so many calories… apart from my hour walk each morning and cooking in the kitchen, IAM mostly standing painting or sitting writing and reading… so its working out for me. Everybody is different though and if we are all tuned into what is good for us there shouldn’t be any problem…. It’s because we’re not tuned into our body that we have a major problem. My blog is a call to attention. Listen to the body. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and interesting about the Okinawas…. I love japanese food too…

  5. Barbara, I’m glad you and Tom are tackling this and living a healthier life 🙂
    Most complex carbohydrate sugars period! it’s sad this is the main portion of consumption in most meals. It’s practically in everything we eat, but choosing the right food is the key.

    Brings me back to the original intent, lots of fruits and vegetables I say. Today, its two salads or three a day, keeps the good doctor at bay,lol. Leafy green salad that is.

    I agree with this inflammation and cholesterol thing. I too noticed whenever my arthritic pains flare up, my doctor always tells me the labs are not so great.There was once a time when I swallowed up to 8 pills a day, and this saddened me terribly.
    I began to look into myself and decided these pills were not keeping me healthy, I had to not only will myself healthy, but change things,and I did.
    I gradually cut off the pills and now down to 3, an aspirin, and two blood pressure meds. I’m working on kicking those too, but it’s one day at a time for me.
    Your links I’m definitely gonna check out and thanks again for such an informative and in my opinion, life saving post.

    • Dotta… welcome back… I do hope you are well and kicking a– once again. Thankyou for sharing your take on all this and so glad you are ditching the pills (with the doctors cooperation, of course…) I’m making a diary so will report now and again how our bodies are doing… If we are to have success of the next stage of human evolution, we have to become more aware of our body… Take care Barbara

  6. Waauw I really found your blog, very true even emotional… Feel true to me. Thank you both for coming out… And sharing what you have experienced together and waiking others up..
    Thank you , Tom and Barbara. And waiting for THE blog in January.

    • Hello Ingrid… So nice to see you here again and glad you enjoyed the read… all true and Tom went to the doctors thursday and his blood sugar had already come right the way down to ‘nearly’ where it’s suppose to be. He feels so relieved and now loves our new way of eating. Take care and we’ll speak again soon xxxx Barbara xxxx

  7. Barbara – if you haven’t discovered these books/sites during your research, think you will find them highly useful as you go forth:
    Eat Fat, Lose Fat – by Dr. Mary Enig http://www.westonaprice.org/book-reviews/know-your-fats-by-mary-enig/
    Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon
    Weston A. Price Foundation – http://www.westonaprice.org/know-your-fats/

    And, I can’t find the link, but about 3 months ago, I came across an Australian News Story (done in the style of 60 minutes) – seems in Australia, especially for women, Dr’s are now required to give a ‘warning’ page to women to read/sign IF they are prescribing them statins for cholesterol – –
    “This medicine will not increase the quantity of your life – it will only change the manner in which you die – instead of a heart attack or stroke, you will get diabetes, or liver failure or kidney disease, or ……..”

    I switched to the traditional diet in 2006 – – so many of the ‘foods’ available at the “health food stores’ contain ingredients that ARE NOT good for you! Also, here in the states, I’ve yet to find a properly done lard for sale at any store – the word ‘hydrogenated’ – -so I render my own. Just changing your ‘fats’ to only included olive oil, coconut oil, butter, lard and limiting how many quick/convenience foods you eat will have a huge impact on your health –
    Thanks for sharing your information/links and hope you find the ones above useful in your health journey! 🙂

  8. Excellent post, Barbara! I study these details morning, noon and night and have listened to countless hours of audios by experts, like Mark Hyman, Kelly Brogan, Tom Brownstein and several other Functional Medicine MD’s and practitioners. We’re on the same page you and I! This has been my path for 38 years now.

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