2014 Wrap-Up Blog Challenge – My Treasure Chest of Wisdom and Truth

With thanks to linda from http://litebeing.com who began this inspiring challenge… inspiring us all to look back on our experiences in 2014… Linda asked us to consider four questions…

Which lessons did you learn?
How did you serve others?
What blessings did you receive?
Was there something you lost that turned out to be a blessing in disguise?
Did you receive any “gifts” in terms of powers or skills?

IExistAt the beginning of the year, Tom and I were back in our favourite place, Cancun, Mexico celebrating our 25 years together… enjoying a warm, relaxing and peaceful ‘wintertime’ together on sparkling white sands, in turquoise waters, under blue skies and heart shaped fluffy clouds.  It is our special place, filled with magic… that cleanses and energises our being… as we prepare to take on the rest of the year.  IAM always thankful that we can return here time and time again as it feels like coming home.  It makes me truly happy. Tom and I are planning our return for early next year, at this very moment.

Another place I love is our new home we found this year, along the seashore of Benalmadena, it too is a magical place that feels comfortable, safe and tranquil and I know that we will be here most of the time as it makes me truly happy.

barbara&jonI count both these magical places as my blessings that have given me wonderful gifts too, all year through… inspiration to express and create my writings and paintings and a constant feeling of joy moving within my Body Consciousness that shows me that IAM in the most perfect place.  My happiness radiates out into the environment for others to see, feel and take on as their own.  This is the service, through myself, that I give to others.  In this way my only requirement is to keep focused on myself and BE the Creator IAM.

It was an important truth I taught myself this year… even though my Human self is taking her time putting it all into perspective.  They do say when things go wrong or when you lose something it can be a blessing in disguise or some good can come out of it.  Deep within I know this to be true… and sore… and is taking some deep reflection and a little more time for all of me to truly expand into the wisdom of it all.

It all began last year when I felt a grand dream start to fall apart and at the end of this summer it was quite definitely ripped completely away.  Ripped away in a manner I could never have imagined and has left me with feelings of anger, hatred, disappointment, sadness and abandonment.  I know now and maybe I always knew that it wasn’t the right dream for me, but gave myself this experience for the blessing and wisdom.

It wasn’t the right dream for me because it didn’t have myself as the main focus, but instead, the lives of others.  Helping others is a service, but not if it is to our own detriment, putting others first and/or takes away their space and/or experience.


IAM now clear about how and when I can help others and if it resonates with them, they can ask me for my help or my presence.  Otherwise IAM taking good care of myself with compassionate psychology… consciously breathing and accepting it all, being in my own presence, loving myself unconditionally and serving myself first.  I know that I always did my very best in my helping others and planted many seeds of love which maybe one day will be discovered.  I enjoy living and creating in each moment and observe from afar the experience of others, without judgement.

What a wonderful chestful of treasure I have discovered this year…I feel my consciousness expanding with new wisdom and truths of who I truly AM… I walk confidently with an abundance of potential into the new year 2015.

Thankyou Linda for this opportunity to share my experiences this year with you all… whether happy or sad, I remember they are all experiences and beautiful gifts I continue to give to myself.

Tomorrow is Julianne’s account of her 2014.

May I wish you all a Merry Christmas time with loved ones and that means yourself… and a peaceful and abundant 2015.  Until the new year when I’ll be reporting about Tom and my great new ‘eating’ life style and much more, no doubt.

Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness.


17 thoughts on “2014 Wrap-Up Blog Challenge – My Treasure Chest of Wisdom and Truth

  1. Thank you so much Barbara for sharing you year with us for the challenge. You are a gift to to the world and IAM grateful to have the gift of unity consciousness reinforced in me as a result of having you in my life.

    Wishing you a joyous Solstice season and a 2015 bursting with treasures.

    xx Linda

    • Thank you brad for your delightful and eager presence… Being conscious of our lessons, all although I like to call them our truths, is a great step in our healing… And becoming whole in who we truly are… Happy 21st solstice today… Barbara

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  3. Thank your Barbara, for a very open and honest share. I have experienced a bit of that anger and frustration during 2013/2014. In my case, over family situations that are proving difficult to resolve. Wishing you all the best in 2015, wherever it takes you. Happy solstice, Christmas and New Year!

    • Thank you too Debra for your kind words… Having great friends here to share helps me be as transparent as I can… They say that family and business can be tricky but you don’t think it applies to you… Oh boy what experiences we give ourself. Happy solstice today, christmastime and 2015… Barbara x

  4. Sometimes Barbara those lessons are our hardest.. And learning to put ourselves and our Dreams first rather than others can at first seem alien.. As I know for the majority of my life I served others.. Its not always the best for our Inner Sanity…. Many thanks for sharing Barbara.. and sending you Christmas Wishes for a Peaceful and Joyful one with family..
    Love and Blessings

    • Hello Sue, I have to giggle a little Sue cause I remember when I was first awakening I thought… I don’t need to learn anything… I’m going to sail through this… Oh to be naive and innocent, but I love the wisdom it alls bring now. Here’s looking forward to 2015 and what gifts I bring myself. Take care and much LOVE to you… Barbara x

  5. I am glad I stumbled upon this very inspiring blog.
    Maybe next year i would join in this wonderful and amazing challenge..
    My blog is pretty young and am still searching for a very motivating community that won’t make me stop in this venture of creating good piece.
    Just followed your blog dear,hope you follow back

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