Celebration… Pain… and more Celebration…

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What superb examples of being real, being amongst the people and enjoying a great celebration together… the Royal Family of Holland coming out into the streets year after year to celebrate with all the people the Kings/Queens birthday. Ever since I arrived in Holland in the early 80’s, I have enjoyed going out in the streets to celebrate this day with thousands of happy, smiley, laughing, dancing, singing people. Over the years Holland has made such a big impression on me, it is a country that is open, direct, tolerant, easy going and friendly. The uniqueness and magnificence of each person stands central in life… in this way there is less violence, addiction, teenage pregnancy and illness than most other western countries. So THANKYOU Holland for your wonderful presence in my life.  Here in Benalmadena, Spain we celebrate our life each day… but on Kings day we went all out.


A few days later we are celebrating another birthday… The birth of a new princess of Britain. Welcome dear one… I hope you are ready for your great task of helping to bring Great Britain back to a vibrant nation and more importantly bringing a smile and happiness back to its people. The following question comes to mind… Is it the people that make a country great or is it the country that makes a person great? I know my answer… whats yours?  It is a most important answer… because knowing the answer not only has an impact on each person’s life but will make the difference of how the voting goes in this weeks election in Britain.

…And when IAM not celebrating, I spend a little serious time, feeling into life and what’s happening around me… I feel into the energy, by simply expanding my consciousness. This last week I have been overwhelmed by pain… not particularly my own, although the days leading up to todays full moon has again brought me more accepting, embracing, allowing, releasing, etc etc… but from people who are suffering the invisible pains and one in particular… Fibromyalgia.

I brought my mum over to stay a month with me here in Spain, for her to get away from the cold British weather and her four walls. She has suffered for a few years with fibromyalgia… so I understand a bit about it from her point of few, because people can’t see it and that more than anything infuriates her. My friend Megan at my chronic life journey is writing an illustrated book about the dis-ease to bring more awareness into people’s life. My mum has been pampered for a month, eaten my great healthy food of low carbs and high good fat and has had her negative look on life frowned upon. Arriving back home she feels like she has been given a new lease of life. I’ve told her it’s important to keep up eating good foods and focusing on the good things in life… rather than eating sugar candies and cookies and focusing on how bad she is feeling… no matter the pain she feels.

Now going back to my feeling into pain and in particular Fibromyalgia... here is what information flowed through me. Now… please remember this is only my perspective and truth which your mind will probably think is crazy… but you can allow your heart to resonate with any truth there may be.


Why are more and more people feeling the intensity of pain in their physical bodies now?

Barbara’s answer:
Humankind is coming to the end of a long and hard Human experience . A new energy is now in play (that we have created) to help us open, awaken and expand our consciousness… awareness… perspective. To allow each heart to feel into the truth of our past experience and choose now to live a happy, healthy and abundant life in cooperation with each other.

We can only experience this happy ending, if we choose for it in the present moment. But because we are so stuck in the mind and our long Human experience of conflict, resistance, chaos, duality, patterns, control and pain we deny ourself this freedom.

Our ancestors and ourselves have lived many lives… living the different roles of poorman, richman, gentleman, lady, sickman, goddess, king, vampire, murderer, victim. Numerous roles for us to experience all the Earthy sensations. This long experience is now coming to its end, as we have all called it forth, in answer to our cries for no more suffering, control, greed and violence. Therefore, everything we have ever experienced is coming up and out into the open… even the darkness, our fears and pains that have been hidden away… for recognition before its ultimate release.

The pain and fear that we are experiencing now is not ours… it is the collection of all the roles we’re played… coming to its head and coming out through us…as the last in line. 

The pain is calling our attention… bringing us to a place within ourself and within the moment, where we can be aware that we are so much more than our Human self and experience. For us to recognise the pain for what it is…  old energy that no longer serves us, coming up to be accepted and embraced before its release. We can allow simply through our awareness… our consciousness the pain and fear to take a step back from its long service and be released.


Now it is time to celebrate again… Today is another full moon… helping us further release more of all our yesterdays… all the pain and fear… and prepare ourselves for Humankinds next step… creating and celebrating how we truly desire to live in each moment… Are you ready to celebrate?

Love to all and be brave, because the energy is harsh… just breathe the conscious breath… simply… nothing more to do but be aware and allow the change to naturally happen.

Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to FreedomMy book that IAM self-publishing is taking a little longer than expected to publish… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom. It is dedicated to YOU, to inspire hearts to open and expand consciousness for each person to discover their own truth… Pain as I talk about above is one of our body’s ways to inspire us to look deeper into the core of ourself and discover our truth.

IAM paying forward in my own way to Humankind and giving away FREE copies of my E-Book for a while… . If you would like to receive a free copy once it is published, please send me an email to barbara@memymagnificentself.com and I’ll add you to my list… 

Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…

26 thoughts on “Celebration… Pain… and more Celebration…

  1. Lovely perspective on life, celebrating, co-creating, and pain Barbara! I agree about it being important to feel, allowing pain and other emotions to flow and release. I’ve been practicing that process. I look forward to reading your ebook! blessings, Brad

    • Hello Brad… welcome back to my unique space here… yes pain is a big part of our life, we have spent lifetimes hiding it away, banishing it from living so now its coming out to celebrate and be a part of the great party and transformation that is happening now within the Earth and each Human being… We all have to recognise it, love it and allow it to transform into something that can serve us now. Everything is energy and we can play with it all as Master Creators… Barbara x

  2. Hi Barbara,
    This was a fabulous post, hope to hear more from you as your unique voice is refreshing and insightful! Not sure your email address is correct. I sent you an email, but in case it is incorrect, please put me on the free ebook list 🙂

    love and hugs, Linda

    • Dear Linda you are so loving and generous in your words. I received your email thanks… I forgot to put .com on the original post but have changed and updated it now. Thanks. Here’s to celebrating it all… pain too… it’s not here for nothing, we have to pay attention as resisting only makes it shout louder… Take care, Barbara x

  3. Barbara, this was a nice post and a reminder to celebrate the positive and let the negative pass, like clouds in the sky. It was nice for your mum to be with you — you are both lucky. I am personally happy about the new Royals — William seems to be a wonderful person, like his mother. I love the name they chose for the baby, too. I have a brother-in-law who has expertise in the study of fibromyalgia, which he says is due to leaky gut syndrome. If one changes that disorder, the pain subsides, according to his data. I hope I never have chronic pain, as I am a baby about such things.

    Your explanation of humanity’s evolution is interesting and I wonder how you developed it? Perhaps that answer is in your book! Love the mock-up of it.

    Happy May, Barbara, you are always fresh and thought-provoking.


    • Beth, wonderful to see you again… I wrote about the diet that saved my husband again, saving myself and now my mum… I did research into the causes of all our dis-eases… and yes leaky gut is a part of it… with the root cause being inflammation from the over production of sugars in the body. (Keeping it simple because IAM not an expert)… Changing our diet as we have is the miracle cure… We eat no more rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, cakes, crackers… and enjoy fresh salads, meats, Mediterranean veg, nuts, pure chocolate… of course we enjoy now and again a good pasta ‘al dente’ at a good italian restaurant… or pilau rice and nan bread at the indian now and again… Toms blood glucose, blood pressure etc are all below normal so now to get him off the meds… https://memymagnificentself.wordpress.com/2014/12/01/and-the-secret-is-out-a-healthy-body-mind-and-spirit/

      The answer is what each person wants it to be… and thats the truth that a lot of people cannot accept… IAM sure you’ll enjoy my book… definitely thought provoking, in my introduction there is a BEWARE notice… that the mind will probably not understand, but not to worry be happy and open the heart to resonate or not…

      Yes Happy May to you Beth… love Barbara

    • Lovely to see you here Susan and thank you for choosing celebration… Here’s to more and more of us deciding to celebrate life instead of of focusing on the never-ending struggle that life can present to us. Barbara x

  4. Pingback: I love this post. Wanted to share it with you all. You all may not completely agree but the sentiment is beautiful and peaceful and loving. Celebration… Pain… and more Celebration… | The Almost Daily Thread

  5. Wonderful Post Barbara, and I hope as we see the pain of the world it helps heal and unite us ever closer in compassion and love..
    Many thanks for all you contribute.. Blessings your way xxx Love Sue xx

    • Hi sue… Yes the theme is healing the pain, it won’t go away until we all recognize it for what it is and who we each are… Loving and compassionate beings… Much love to you sue… Barbara x

  6. YoU said a mouthful. Your mom is lucky to have you. I really like your perspective and I wish more people embraced a similar one. I can even see it in my own life. Great to read you again. Hugs, Barbara

    • I thought I’d answered but looking again haven’t… And can’t remember what I wrote back now… Anyway here’s to experiencing it all and choosing to experience more celebration, rather than pain… It time to move on… Great to see you here too… And thank you for the reblog… Love your rebel divine sister Barbara x

    • Lovely to see you here Cindy… It’s been a while since we chatted… But life is busy busy for both of us and we get around to share ourselves with our friends when we can… So glad you are in a good place of celebration too… Love Barbara x

  7. Barbara, your comment on Petals really embraced my Heart so of course I had to come on over here to see your blog. I began to read. And as I did, I recognized you as a refection of myself. In reading about the collective pain, I could not agree with you more, for I have for many a year, felt this energy, sometimes unable to distinguish between the personal and the collective. The pain has been intense of late, much more so then previously felt. I live with one who fights every step of the way, fear rearing up, refusing to just let go and allow LOVE to flow. His pain has been atrocious yet, all I am able to do is to continue flowing, detaching, Loving from a distance, and with confidence know that someday, he too will feel what I do … the LOVE that we truly are. When that tipping point comes, and it shall, when the majority knows LOVE as Truth, his fear will evaporate like a premorning mist when the Sun comes out to shine. I live for that day. I am very honored that our paths have crossed, and I, to one Light of Love to another, Bless you for Blessing me. Continue to shine and continue to speak Truth. So many are hungry right now. At times it is overwhelming and I must withdraw. What I am seeing is a phenomenon I have been HOPING for a long time to see …. and I AM. Light IS Life, Life is LOVE, LOVE IS All There IS. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    • whoow Amy… reading your words sent beautiful shivers throughout my body… a deep connection with your love. Welcome Divine sister to my space… I know for sure this is the beginning of our wonderful journey… being the light for others to see their own TRUTH… because we understand… there are many truths and all lead to a persons unique magnificence… take care, Barbara x

      • *tears* and (((HUGS))), Barabara … I lived many years without any contact from those who “understand” and that walk was extremely difficult and lonely. To now in my Present Day, have those whose feet walk on similar paths as mine do, is a Gift from the Heavens. Thank you ever so much for finding me. I don’t know how I missed you if you are following me, but now I am following you so we shall stay in touch. Have a Blessed and Golden day, my Dvine Sister of Light. ❤

      • Hindsight is a wonderful thing… but looking back it was necessary to be alone and figure it all out by ourself… for ourself… and now we can be examples of ‘finding out our truth’ to others if they choose. Here’s to a golden day… Love Barbara x

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