True Love is… To truly LOVE yourself

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It is not as harsh as it has been because IAM a bit more used to not always looking so ‘perfect’ (he he, ha ha…) and I have released and transformed lots of things since 2 years ago when I went through quite an intense time with myself… I’ve copied here below what I wrote because it is good to remember.

My friend Cindy at blue butterflies has a retro challenge that inspired me to bring back some dirty washing and see if its clean yet…

Well it’s nearly clean and I’m proud of myself for continuing to work on myself… for me the answer is True Love and loving yourself truly, no matter what. When IAM in this position of loving myself I no longer need to look outside of myself for answers or recognition and permission to just be myself however IAM in each moment.

Thank you Cindy, IAM having my Dad here for a week and going to enjoy doing tourist things… in between my 30 day blogging challenge that I have began as part of my PR campaign for the launch of my book… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom…

Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom

Written April 2013..

IAM LOVE…This last month has been really heavy for me… I feel the energies have intensified so much these past few weeks, vibrating at a very fast and high frequency… not only coming from the cosmos but also from the centre of the earth… like hot flames burning away all my yesterdays that no longer support me… my old ways, memories, habits, addictions, patterns etc… until IAM left with only a peaceful and solid sense of pure love, joy and light… As I wrote in a recent blog post, it’s taken a toll on my face.. there is no getting away from it… and it continues to flake, peeling all the layers of yesterday off… I feel like a snake shredding its skin.. going into another phase in life… So I do know it’s important for me to stay relaxed and peaceful and focus on healing and balancing my body consciousness. (body, mind and spirit)..

Last friday/saturday i ‘went into’ drama and started feeling sorry for myself, being the poor me and victim… that nothing works etc… and what happened… my face followed my thoughts and beliefs and I took a step back in my healing and my face became inflamed again… It was a way of reminding myself that I was not truly loving myself, not trusting myself to heal and knowing that IAM a magnificent light being in a physical body rebalancing my body consciousness… I knew I had to stay away from outside stress, to drink plenty of water, eat a little of good things I liked and to leave off the wine for a while.

So I thank myself for this test, although I failed, I will remember to focus on wholeness, on my truth, on my magnificence… instead of buying into the fear and victimhood…

I know that IAM not the only one going through this great shift of energy… we are all being confronted with our fears and having the chance now to release them and integrate fully with our soul, our IAM presence, our magnificent self… No-one else can help us, each one of us has our own unique wisdom inside of us to guide us home… guide us to be who we truly are… DivineHuman Beings…

It is up to ourself to make sure that our body, mind and spirit is healthy and vibrant so that we can totally care for our self first, our home, our relationship, our family and business… We have to stand up for ourself, find time to recharge our batteries, write everything down (because everyones memory is being rewired right now) so we remember everything important and make sure that we eat well, drink well and sleep well… We are the one that is responsible for everything in our life, everything that happens… and are the only one who can HELP OURSELF…

Know that YOU are made up of LOVE itself… no more searching… everything is right under your nose… Now is the time to allow yourself to shine, to sleep, to set boundaries at home and work… to say NO when things don’t work for you at that moment… to take charge of yourself, your life by focusing on creating your desires and be in JOY…

Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness



25 thoughts on “True Love is… To truly LOVE yourself

    • Hello Brad, Thankyou for your encouraging presence as always, much appreciated. Our potential and love is right under our noise is ever we free ourself from the torments of Human life… IAM getting there… take care, Barbara

  1. thanks for re-sharing this. Very excited about your book. Some have said that increased body sensitivity like allergies, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, etc, are a sign of higher vibration. Others say that health issues force us to slow down and allow our body to catch up with our spiritual acceleration for integration and balance. I do know we can learn from any experience that arise, but IAM preferring to learn from joy 🙂

    love and light,

    • Loving Linda thank you for your information… Yes I can resonate with higher vibration… immune system imbalance… when the physical is finding a new balance. This is one of the reasons I have had to change my diet and drink less wine and more water. I too focus on joy and excitement that IAM generating with publishing my book… It is something that cannot be rushed out there… there is the perfect time for its appearance and IAM flowing with it. Take care, Barbara x

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  5. Wow Ms. Barbara! That was a powerful post, certainly a good one to retro flash and shine some light on. Keep up the good work and congrats on the book, an awesome achievement!

    with an S 😉 ❤

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