10 Simple tips to deal with Awakening and Integration Symptoms…


All in all the last five years have taken quite a toll on my physical and mental body’s… In the beginning I went to see classic and alternative doctors but no improvement or answer to my eczema/psoriasis was experienced or found. It left me to face it all by myself. Looking back I know that this was necessary for many reasons, but the main one is that life is taking on a new way of being and it is in my own best interest to find the answer for myself.

I explained yesterday in my post that through this experience I have learned to love myself… accepting and loving myself completely… no matter what… No matter that I sometimes have red inflamed patches on my face and hair. This experience is my way of confronting my beauty… and daring myself to stand and shine no matter what others say.


I know that my physical/mental challenges are all to do with the integration of my Divine  body and mind with my Human body and mind. My Body Consciousness (body, mind and spirit) is upgrading to Humankind’s next level of being. Eventually my integration symptoms will go, but in the mean time I accept and focus on loving myself even more.

I’d like to share here my 10 Simple tips to deal with Awakening and Integration Symptoms that have helped me…

  • Consciously breathe in the New Energy for a few minutes each morning and evening, especially into painful areas and become one with all…
  • Eat consciously and healthy, enjoy small portions of protein, good fats, lots of fruit and veg… Moderate use of carbohydrates and sugars
  • Drink plenty of fresh water… Moderate use of caffeine, coffee, tea and alcohol…
  • Positive and Loving self talk…
  • Share your feelings with others, not to receive answers but just to have yourself heard
  • Soaking the body in warm water and essential oils…
  • Walk in nature or enjoy gentle exercise each day…
  • Sleep a lot, naps through the day if possible…
  • Trust that everything is OK, even when doubts try to creep into your mind…
  • Remember you are not your mind… You are so much more…

I explain much more about what is going on with Mother Earth and the changes to Humankind in my book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom, which will be launched this summer.

Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom

IAM Barbara Franken… Divine Master Creator…
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

19 thoughts on “10 Simple tips to deal with Awakening and Integration Symptoms…

  1. I’m glad you’ve healed and integrated Barabara. These are great tips. I especially enjoy the breathing and soaking in the feeling of wellbeing, as well as nature. I’m looking forward to your book.

    • All of me is there, just my physical body is taking its time to catch up… and until it does I continue to learn acceptance… love… and enjoy my friends here, yes nature is sure soothing and my book is taking on a creative life of its own… and a due date it will only decide… (my Human self cannot push it… and again learning to accept and allow). Take care, Barbara x

    • Thank you Kimberly… I haven’t explained to my friends here, but I accepted a 30 day blogging challenge as part of my PR campaign for the launch of my book this summer… so I will be in your reader/email every day for a while… Thanks for your support and avid reading of my ramblings. Love Barbara x

  2. Thought I’d mention that I’d heard (via Tony Robbins talk) that too much fruit and acidic foods can imbalance the system making us more prone to certain conditions. I don’t know how much you take but he actually apologised to followers for prevously encouraging eating and drinking lots of fruit. Copious amounts of water instead. Might be worth considering if skin condition constantly flares. Good luck.

    • Momus so loving of you to respond to my journey… and thank you, Tony Robbins sounds like a wise person and can agree with the fruit, which is high in sugars and therefore I only eat a few berries (the least sugary) each morning with my greek yogurt and nuts. Yes and much water to flush through. I so much appreciate your comments thank you. I will be writing everyday for the next 30 days to help me launch my book this summer… so I can expect to divulge many things about myself… take care Barbara x

  3. very inspiring Barbara. I have occasionally had flares of eczema when I was in the throes of allergies to medications or seasonal allergies. When I have those flare ups my body is at its most vulnerable ( an over stimulated immune system.) I do not know if this applies to you. I do agree that speaking my truth to those who will really hear me is very liberating and healing.

    Thank you for sharing these tips with us! IAM certain you are always beautiful through and through.

    hugs, Linda

    • Hi Linda… vulnerability is quite the word and I notice the flareups come when IAM feeling a little nervous about life… when I forget to take the conscious breathe and allow the world to overwhelm me. Having said that I also notice the timing each month of the cycles, menopause/full and new moon. Anger comes to mind too that I deal with my talking to people in a nice way… and find time to shout into the sea sometimes on my morning walk… which I need to go and do right now… walk not shout… I actually feel quite at peace, especially when I know my friends are all here for me, for each other… It is a nice feeling. Thank you lovely Linda. Barbara x

    • Hello leigh… Thank you for your loving encouragement… I can’t rush the book out there… It’s taken on a life of its own and I have to follow through, obviously part of my learning patience and other things yet to be discovered… But I remain excited… for the next 29 days I’ll be in your reader a lot as I have taken on a challenge as part of my PR campaign… I’ll write a little about it today in my post. I really like your presence here, thank you, Barbara

  4. Hi Barbara, I especially appreciated this tip, “Share your feelings with others, not to receive answers, but just to have yourself heard.” Sometimes being ‘heard’ is just so important; and it’s not the easiest to convey. In other words, people may not realize that you just want to be heard. It can be challenging when it seems as though your own voice is not as loud to even your own self. That’s why sometimes its important to say something ‘aloud,’ too. It’s amazing what we may have to do sometimes just to listen to ourselves; and I mean really listen. Thanks, Barbara… I needed that inspiration.

    Overall, excellent tips. Congratulations on your book! It’s definitely a wonderful accomplishment. Love, Ka

    • Hello Ka, Thankyou so much for your kind and encouraging words… and so glad you resonated with my post. I often shout out loud into the ocean on my morning walks too… just to release any tension that might be seeking in or hiding. Take care Barbara x

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  6. Great tips.. I find myself taking more Power Naps now.. 🙂 and thankfully I avoid coffee.. but do like tea, but try to limit it and drink herbal throughout the day 🙂 Good advice.. x

    • Thank you Sue for spending time here and commenting on all my posts… IAM blessed. Oh yes the power naps are so essential now… and lots of good herb teas are a nice break from cool water water and more water… Barbara x

      • Yes I am extra lucky in that my daughter and her partner own a health-food store, So I get lots of herb teas and other goodies with a discount 🙂

  7. Hi Barbara,
    It’s nice of you to offer tips to help people feel better. I’ve never heard of the malady you describe (integration…).
    Thank you for visiting my site Reflections on Friday. I’m glad you liked my SITS girls post and my reblog. Some people say they won’t read a reblog. I’m not sure why if it’s informative.
    Thanks again,

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