Who Am I if not the reflection of JOY, LOVE and BEAUTY in the world…


Taking my daily morning walks along the ocean coast brings me into a special space… deep within my being… where I feel truly part of the natural world. With my conscious breath I breathe in the magnificent joy, love and beauty I see and feel all around me and know… this is who I AM.. IAM the reflection of my Environment… IAM my Environment.

For a long time now, I have carried in my heart and soul the grandest dream of bringing my Divine self into my physical Human reality… to allow my Divine self to shine through my Humanness and be able to experience the simple, sensual and passionate presence of life itself.

It is with this attitude of being joy, love and beauty that I live my life and I see that it is bringing in or attracting more of it into my life. Lately I have connected with lots of local  magnificent women here on the Costa del Sol… thanks to the online group Costa Women. Together we enjoy a great social and business life (the latter if applicable). I have a feeling that IAM not the only one that knows that it is up to each and every one of us to be in action and be responsible for creating our own life. I feel quite blessed at meeting such lovely women lately. Thankyou Costa Women.

costa women, Benalmadena

Torremolinos/Benalmadena Magnificent Costa Women

costa women Malaga

Malaga Magnificient Costa Women

Quite recently I have accepted a 30 day challenge as part of my PR campaign for the summer launch of my book… Your Magnificent Self.. A Journey to Freedom that is  inspiring me to be my very best self in the blogging world and learning so much about marketing. Please check it out… http://www.sarkemedia.com you never know if might help inspire you too.

So here’s to more and more of us reflecting the joy, love and beauty of our Environment and being the loving DivineHuman Beings we all truly are.

Have a great day, evening and until tomorrow… I wonder how IAM going to be inspired tomorrow…

Barbara Franken… Divine Master Creator…
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

6 thoughts on “Who Am I if not the reflection of JOY, LOVE and BEAUTY in the world…

  1. I am enjoying your blogging presence on a more regular basis. I applaud your expansion in blogging for your book and in your overall consciousness. Living by the sea sounds wonderful and IAM certain that Spain is wonderful. My parents adore Spain and I may infact have some Spanish blood flowing through my veins,lol!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post….. Namaste

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  3. Hello Linda… Thankyou for your loyal support, I just hope that I can keep different friends interested in my daily blogging this month… It’s interesting to look back at our family history and if we go far enough back we might find out we are all fellow vikings… take care Linda x Barbara x

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  5. Arrrh nice to take a walk so near the beach Barbara… the sea air and ocean energy clears the head. and is cleansing.. And lovely to connect with your woman’s group 🙂 and share your feminine energies 🙂 xxx Sue

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