AM I the Centre of the Universe…

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After a few years living in Holland as a young adult I signed up for a Self-Discovery Class to explore Who AM I… after many years of exploration one of my realisations was… that I AM the Centre of the Universe.  I don’t mean it in a selfish or arrogant manner but with the understanding that IAM inseparable from the Universe… and everything that surrounds me, supports me and makes it possible for me to be the centre of my universe and the focus for everything to come alive.

Alan Watts a well known psychologist once said I’m like a flower in a field. When you see a flower in a field, it’s actually like the whole field is flowering, because the flower couldn’t exist in that particular place without the rest of the field. You only find flowers in places where they have surroundings that will support them. In the same way, you only find human beings on a planet of this kind, with an atmosphere of this kind, and a temperature of this kind supplied by a convenient neighbouring star.

He went on to say…Just as the flower is a flowering of the field, I feel that I am a peopling of the whole universe. I seem to be a centre at which the entire energy of the universe realizes itself, or comes alive: a sort of aperture through which the universe appears. In other words, I am related to the universe as a center to a circumference. Each one of us—not only human beings, but every leaf, every weed, everything whatsoever—exists as it does only because everything around it exists as it does. Without the center, there is no circumference; without the circumference, there is no center. Each individual and its universe are inseparable.

In this way we are all the centre of the universe and have to take care of ourself so that we can function as a healthy part of all life. Yesterday I visited Puerto Banus with Tom and my dad who is visiting for a weeks holiday, we enjoyed a delicious Italian lunch and I popped into the local ladies boutique… I felt it was time to treat myself again to some new colourful summer clothes. I’ve always been attracted to colourful things, colour makes me smile, skip in my step and feel happy. I also take care that I feel relaxed, by not putting myself in positions that don’t feel good to me. In this way I stay balanced and whole. I clean my spaces where I find myself in, connecting with the energy of a room or a street and ask it to exchange its energy and come into balance. IAM also aware of the people I meet and places I visit… grateful for their nurture and support and know my own part in nurturing and supporting my environment in return., Barbara Franken, Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedommemymagnificentself, Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to FreedomYesterday in my blog post I thanked the magnificent local Costa Ladies that I have had the pleasure in meeting lately… we do indeed help and support each other… as most of us find ourselves here on the Costa without our family.  Today I would like to thank all my friends I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know here on WordPress. I can’t begin to explain what it means to me to have such kind and loving friends who are genuinely concerned about each other.

Before I close this post I wanted to bring up a post I wrote at the beginning of my WordPress journey Trusting my Knowingness… that all is well.  It is a continuation of the post I wrote the other day for my friends Cindy’s Retro Challenge and explains the main reason, why we are experiencing so much pain and discomfort in our physical bodies.

I close todays post from one centre of the universe that I know IAM to all the other centre’s out there. Together we make it possible to experience life here on Mother Earth. So lets make sure its the best experience ever… Let us all focus on experiencing our Heart and Soul desire and dare to stand up and shine our light.

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness.

3 thoughts on “AM I the Centre of the Universe…

  1. Barbara… I thank YOU for also being within my own WP community of friends… I can feel your Love and Joy over the airwaves through your words..
    Long may you reside within your ‘Centre’ for I am sure where ever you are the Universe will revolve around you.. 🙂 ❤
    Blessings Sue

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