What is Awakening, Integration and Enlightenment…


I often use the words Awakening, Integration and Enlightenment in my writings and my first book… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom being released soon, is indeed all about my own journey discovering Who I AM and experiencing my own Awakening, Integration and Enlightenment. The words mean different things to different people but I would like to explain today about what the words mean to me.

To remember who you are… a Divine loving being, who lives consciously with the heart of compassion in each moment.

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about the stages of Awakening based on my own experience of awakening. Creating awareness to help others understand what is naturally happening now and instead of being fearful, we can accept and allow the love that each of us truly is, to shine through our Humanness and out into the world.

The coming together or fusion of all parts of Self… Human aspects, Alien and Divine force.

In the beginning we separated Self from All That Is (at least the illusion of separation) to enable us to play and experience Human life full on in all it’s glory and terror. After experiencing so many distressing Human roles, we abandoned and hid all the broken and hurt parts of Self too. Now after all our Human life times, we feel fragmented, broken and incomplete. Do you maybe resonate with the feeling of something is missing?

Humankind is naturally awakening, we are remembering who we truly are, to this end we have claimed no more fear, domination and greed and in turn it has attracted a New Energy to us, to help us bring back all parts of Self that we have been separated from and to once again be whole… and experience… something never before experienced… our complete and true self… our IAM presence in the physical reality.

To be fully integrated with all your Human selves, your own Divine light and IAM presence, living live in expanded consciousness as the DivineHuman Master Creator each of us truly is… in the physical reality.

I’ve recently asked a few of my sacred friends to write a short testimonial about their experience with me in monthly Creative Workshops and weekly Circle of Potential I have held over the years. Here are a couple.

www.memymagnificentself.com“I always looked forward to our weekly meetings. They were an oasis of calm in a busy-busy world. I particularly enjoyed the visualising expanded journeys and experiencing the calm of being in a group. Many things that we read, talked about and did resonated with me and has made a change in me for the better, in the way I think and do things now.

The creative workshops were an insight into my inner self. The “Healing” cards we created were astonishing and I still use them today on friends and family. They were not made to for-tel the future but they always give an insight into what that particular persons mind is busy with at the time. Thank-you Barbara for opening up my mind to so much potential” JJ .


Over the last few years I have attended numerous workshops of Barbara’s and attended the weekly Circle of Potential regularly. What can I say about these events!!!! They are fantastic.

Barbara creates an atmosphere of peace and calm for all. Her sessions are always challenging, opening your mind to new ideas and experiences that you would not have done yourself. Saying that she never pushes her own ideals on you, always allowing you to think for yourself and expand to your own potential.

I am grateful for all Barbara has opened my eyes to, and feel she is a friend and mentor now, that I will always have wherever we both are in the world. Thank Barbara.

Love & Light

Mary xx

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

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