Honouring All Fathers… and the Masculine Energy…

Happy Fathers DayDad

I know three magnificent fathers… they are three generations apart… Barrie Sheard… Tom Franken… Richard Franken. Today I honour them all, together with all the fathers of the world.

I honour them all for the pure love they all bring into our life. It is a special kind of LOVE unique to the masculine force… Their LOVE brings the feeling of strength, stability, focus, practicality, assertiveness, order, action, logic, hard, fearlessness, courage and many more wonderful qualities to share with each other.

My friend Heather wrote a beautiful blog post in honour of her son and the love that shines through him… A very special read that may, like myself, bring tears to your eyes.


As Humankind awakens to the love that we all truly are… we are realising that pure love is whole and balanced and contains equal amounts of masculine and feminine energies… and that we can bring forth all the energies in our life, depending on how we feel, where we are and what we are creating… in each moment.

The feelings the feminine force of love brings into life are… gentleness, receptive, flexible, adaptable, caring, passive, soft, spontaneous, flowing, inspirational, creative, all knowing… and many more magnificent qualities.

I wrote a post about the Masculine and Feminine Energies a while back which you may be interested in reading.


So here’s to all fathers… I thank you all for manifesting your love into our physical world… and I must remember the magnificent women who stand by the side of all our fathers.

Happy Fathers Day to everyone… where would be without them.

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

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