How programmed are you… Maybe COLOUR is part of the answer…

www.memymagnificentself.comI have been itching to write a blog post about COLOUR for a while but didn’t know how to write it… Colour means so much to me… I love Colour… I wear vibrant colourful clothes… colourful colours in my hair… IAM attracted to particular colours in each moment… and I know for sure colour is part of who IAM, colours reflects my qualities and hold the secret to being free… instead of being programmed.

I have read a lot of information and advise about colour, but I continue to only find what colour means in general. There is not a lot of information out there that explains about how a person experiences colour and what it means to them in each moment… or a new day… or a different occasion.

Most of my friends know that IAM a bit of a rebel. I completed the course Colour me Beautiful back in the early 80’s… and thought at the time ‘Is this my beautiful self… can I only wear these colours to be beautiful’… IAM now a lot older, wiser and know what I like, what I want to wear and what attracts me to life… in each moment. My feelings change many times a day and the different colours I see attract me to wonderful experiences.

If I ask myself what RED means for me… In one moment it means… I have to be careful… but another it could mean… I feel romantic and wild… and another…  something is out of balance in my body.

The above is a good example of how the colour RED works for me at different times, just like all the other colours…  IAM free in each moment to choose what a colour means to me. If necessary I ask a colour a specific question, as I know it is waiting to serve me and bring in new potential for me to experience.

Many years ago, I escaped living in my limited physical reality and being labelled with a number or letter and conveniently put into a box. Colour actually was what originally brought me out into life to explore and discover… it was a kind of daring… and I have no intention of going back into the box because I have claimed my freedom, as explained it my first book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom... coming soon…

What is colour then and how can it serve me…
In each colour, potential awaits… Potential to create something new… Each colour reflects a part of me that is waiting to experience something new. You may ask why so many colours, but if each colour is an expression of our self… we can allow our self to express endless wonders. We all know that from white light… colour comes into being… seven fold.

Colour is what IAM… and IAM All Colour… Colour inspires me to act… to sing… to dance… to write… however it shows itself in each moment… sometimes sad, sometimes bright, sometimes unsure and sometimes dark. I honour all colour at all times.

Today I was exploring the website for information on colour... and came across one that I feel honours both worlds… It explains what colour means to mass consciousness and why we use them in our daily life and to each person, offering each person to take a look at what colour means to them.  It is worth a visit You can take part in their Global Color Survey and find out… how programmed you are (my words only)… I’d love to hear your results…

How programmed are you…My score was 5 out of 18… I believe this means IAM hardly programmed.


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Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness


IAM a Unique Art Form…

IAM an old and wise Willow tree
I love to live by the riverside
my roots deeply emerged in cool waters
My branches are flexible and hang low
creating shade for my Human friends
to sit and eat their delicious picnics
hide away and laze during school recess
and cover them from the rain…

IAM a vibrant and unique Art form
I observe with joy the ones who pass by
imagining for a moment
IAM a smiley boy expressing
a bright and jolly nature
with rainbow colours hanging all around me
receiving light and warmth from the sun
feeling free, limitless and able to give
the beautiful fruits of reflection…

Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

We are truly all unique Art forms but do we ever look at ourselves with eyes of passion and see our true strength, playfulness, wisdom, sensuality and authentic power… When I  look at an old tree, especially my favourite Willow tree, gracefully sitting along the riverside… I see such qualities emanating as unique Art form, but I never for a moment thought of myself being one too.

Until Danny came along a few years ago, he is one of my Elemental Beings that I perceived and write about in my book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom… He brought me the message of It’s Play-Time… and what better way to play than with children… my grand children.

We continue to have many adventures together and create, act, dance, sing, even sit quietly and shout out loud along the seashore. We have amazing times together, allowing ourselves to be unique Art forms. Acting childlike, real and foolish. Time and judgment are all forgotten and everything is possible, it makes us feel excited and deeply in touch with the natural harmony of all life.

Recently my friend Ka Malana over at Fiesta Estrellas asked her friends the following questions…

If you were a tree, what would life feel like?
What kind of tree would you be?
If you could choose to make artwork to honour a tree?
How old would you be, if you were a tree ?

Ka inspired me to create this collage of my grandson as a unique Art form and write this poem and post.. My grandson Alexander is very special to me, he has lovely blonde hair, his favourite colour is orange, I love rainbow colours and I make a collage each year using recent pictures I have taken to hang up in my home. So I have put everything together and created a unique art form, in honour of trees, my grandson Alexander and myself. My age is never ending… IAM infinity itself… Thankyou so much Ka…

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Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

What is Consciousness… and how is it Changing…

Sparkles on the water from James Ryle at

Sparkles on the water from James Ryle at

Have you seen the sparkles under the sunlight… dancing on the oceans… dancing in the air.. dancing around form and people? Have you imagined and seen the sparkles dancing in the nothingness within you. Consciousness is all around us and within us… it is what everything is made up of… and it is changing…

OK we may or may not imagine and be able to see it and we may or may not be able to feel it… so how can we describe consciousness? It is truly quite simple… It is awareness.

To be aware…  to realise.. to recognise… to perceive… to pay attention to… to be conscious… to be alive… to be mindful… to be enlightened…

It is to be aware of All of ourself, body, mind and spirit… past, future, present. I call it Body Consciousness… All of Self.  Humankind is naturally awakening to the truth of who we are, our perception is expanding as we become aware of the awareness we are.

Awareness or consciousness is expanding and changing… it has a new ingredient… You and Me. 

Consciousness is at the core of all life, it is who we are, interconnected with ALL. We are both unique and magnificent beings of consciousness experiencing life as we choose to create it in each moment… reflecting who we truly are… love, joy and harmony out into the Environment… and we are also part of the unity of all expression of life.

Earth and Humankind is taking a quantum leap onto a new level and into an unknown reality. You and me are the new standards… the new DivineHuman Master Creators exploring, discovering life beyond all that is know… Living in the New Energy Consciousness.

My passion and drive in life is to create awareness for this magnificent and expanding consciousness that we all indeed are… To bring it to children and adults locally and worldwide online through creative endeavours.  Playing, Singing, Dancing, Writing, Painting, Acting… and the conscious breathe.. where all life begins. Through love, joy and harmony we can inspire ourselves to realise who we truly are… DivineHuman Master Creators.

To bring this grand dream into reality, IAM preparing to publish my book… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom that recalls my own experience discovering Who IAM and realising love and freedom… to inspire others to realise their own Magnificent Self.

For the ones who want to commit and celebrate their own Master Creator Self… I have created Five Master Classes, (local and online) that take you deep into the core of consciousness itself. You enrol in a stage performance and love story of Your Magnificent Self. You take the leading role and are inspired to express your innate creativity through Play, Dance, Song, Art, Expanded Journeys and Celebration. Living in the New Energy Consciousness is about having fun, loving self, laughing, creating and being the Magnificent Creator Master each of us truly is.

Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom

Call to Action…
The other day I published my Image quote Loving Self First is... with a Call to Action that I have copied again here. One of my missions in life is to Create Awareness for Loving Yourself First… especially with our children… which I will be bringing the idea to them during my creative visits in local schools here in the province of Andalusia, Spain.

I would like to ask you, my friends, to write a small piece about your own experience loving yourself first and similar to our selection of True Awakening Experiences, create a Free E Book to share and inspire others. You can post your quote on an image, quote, short story on your own blog in the Summer Months and mention this Call to Action… Lets call it… Why it’s important to Love Yourself First. I will collect a thread of all our posts, so you will be getting a lot of ping backs too… Thank you and here’s to us all being the change we want to see in the world.

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness.