Have you ever wondered?


Have you ever wondered how different your life might be if you and all society had been brought up with the truth that you were ‘born a Masterpiece’?  A unique and magnificent being, growing up gracefully with all the elements of our natural world, sharing your innocence and qualities with others in spontaneous moments, experiencing the delights and beauty around you and creating whatever filled you with passion and joy …
Have you ever wondered what life would be like if everyone was responsible for their actions and cared for themselves first and each other in an unconditional loving way, knowing that the only purpose to life was to enjoy, indulge and be in each moment… Have you ever dared imagine everyone living and working together in cooperation and harmony, everyone understanding… after so many years of duality… there is no more need to fight, to judge, to doubt and be afraid… we are indeed all equal and there is enough of everything for everyone to share… Continue reading

The curtains are opening… are you awake and watching, feeling and listening to what is going on???

Consciousness Shifting 2010

We have yet another whistle blower bringing to light agencies crossing the line… They say that these safety measures are to protect us???  but how far do you want our leaders to go… At what cost???  What does it mean to be 100% protected against attack, terrorism?  Is it to the cost of our privacy and independence… Mr Snowden is just the latest lad coming out with information where he believes THEY have crossed the line… Mr Wikileaks, Julian Assange still remains in asylum with the Ecuador Embassy after releasing similar data of interest… The US want to punish these guys… but again where do YOU draw the line… isn’t it our responsibility to inform everyone when things are just wrong… (even though you may have signed a disclosure of confidentiality)…  Do we all remember what Hitler did…  why didn’t anyone come out and say anything then???

I’ve just signed the petition at the white house to pardon Mr Snowden… https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/pardon-edward-snowden/Dp03vGYD Continue reading

My PASSION is my TrIumph…


A couple of weeks of awe, inspiration, achievement, reaching beyond, legendary, teamwork, emotion, tears, pure joy, personal bests and so much more than the world has seen in many years…

Is this a turning point, not only for Britain, but for the whole world?  Coming together, standing side by side with fellow sportsmen and women to celebrate individual and team performance of going beyond… Being the most magnificent and unique performer at ‘The Olympic Games’  you can be… Picking up the bronze, Silver and Gold medals as a bonus… a THANK YOU from the rest of the world for your outstanding, confident, legendary and inspiring performance… Continue reading