In memory of Bill Hamilton… An inspiration to fellow COPD sufferers

In Memory of a fellow blogger Bill Hamilton who recently passed away… May your courage, love and humour continue to help many people find peace in their physical experience.  Thankyou for your true friendship Bill, IAM that much richer for having known you.  Please pass Bills wonderful blog on to fellow COPD Sufferers, to help inspire them to live a rich life without fear.


Whether someone we love moves away from us, whether their physical body dies and moves on to another realm or physically moves out of our life to live in another place, their  consciousness and love remains in our heart and around our being.  They are not separate from us, their consciousness is here, we just cannot physically see them, but we can sense them.  For whatever reason they have chosen to move away in order for the family to have a new experience.

Let us today sit quietly for a moment and take a conscious breathe.  Let us allow ourself to open up and connect with our own IAM presence, the divine part of us that lives in the core of our very being.  Let us expand our consciousness and join the consciousness of the people we love.  Let us sense them and love them.  Let us allow them and ourself to move on and have another experience in complete freedom.   Let us allow ourself to understand we are never alone, we are loved unconditionally by our Divine Self and are never separate from all our loved ones.

Let us remember who we truly are… Divine Light Beings having a physical Human experience and that all is well in all creation.

Freedom Is

Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness