Best of MeMyMagnificentSelf Week One…

What a full-on week its been, writing everyday this last week as part of my 30 day challenge… Thanks Sarah and Kevin… I hope you all enjoyed reading my posts each day… For the ones who haven’t had time to take a look at what I have been talking about… I’ve put together the best of my posts this week.


10 Simple tips to deal with Awakening and Integration Symptoms…
Life is taking its toll on all of us in some way or another and when we understand what is happening we can accept, take extra care of our self and sail through our discomforts.

costa women, BenalmadenaWho Am I if not the reflection of JOY LOVE and BEAUTY in the world…
When we are aligned with the love, joy and beauty in the world we can flow and connect with life in a magnificent way.

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AM I the Centre of the Universe…
Without the centre there is no circumference, without the circumference there is no centre. We are inseparable.
So who AM I?


We are all Creative Loving Beings…
Can we remember how we felt as children or have the urge NOW to let our hair down, to enjoy some ‘me-time’… to laugh, to act, to play, to create, to explore, to scream out loud and to have fun.

Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom

Breaking FREE from our limited physical dual reality…
NOW is a great opportunity to put our physical dual reality into perspective.


The Truth about… Modern Day Illness…

Our doctors do a great job, BUT there are lots of changes we can make individually and as a society.

full moon,

4 Affects the Full Moon has on us…
Isn’t the Moon showing us the natural rhythm of nature and that we are part of the rhythm too?

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Barbara Franken… Divine Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

We are all Creative loving Beings…


Believe it or not… we are all creative loving beings, at least by nature we are born this way. So how come we don’t seem to remember this… instead of creating our joys we act quite differently, pretending to be serious, sad, depressed, bored, in a rush, tired, limited,  etc… IAM sure you get my drift.

Whatever has happened in our individual lives that has caused us to act so differently from our innate creative and loving self… I have good news… it doesn’t matter and it can be changed. We can change how we respond to life… We can begin to be aware… We can begin to be inspired…  We can begin to imagine waking up each morning with an inner yearning to spend this new and exciting day spontaneously BEING our heartfelt joy and passion…  no matter what we have to accomplish this day? We can allow ourselves to joyfully say…

Today IAM singing out loud… Today IAM creating beauty in my garden… Today IAM preparing food… Today IAM painting my dream vision… Today IAM at peace… Today IAM writing a poem… Today IAM taking photographs… Today IAM cleaning… Today IAM going to act as if IAM rejuvenated. 

When we allow ourselves to be mindful of all our daily doings and beings…we become aware of our creative expression that is played out in each moment… and recognise it is our signature of who we truly are… a creative being… our Creator Self. Our physical body then naturally aligns with our hearts desire and  we experience the expression of our soul and Divine essence.

Maybe we can remember how we felt as children or have the urge now to let our hair down, to enjoy some ‘me time’… to laugh, to act, to play, to create, to explore, to scream out loud and to have fun.

We have indeed all been brought up to be responsible, mindful and serious, but can we remain true to our heart and soul too? Allowing ourselves to feel the rhythm of life, pulsating through us, connecting us to an all loving presence? Relaxing into our own innate passion and joy that flows through us and out into the world…  allowing us to act spontaneously in the moment how we feel and create our life we have always dreamed of?

Or are we going to allow our chattering mind and important ego identity or other peoples fear, negativity and jealous nature, take over our very being and just plod along on our journey following the rest of society?

We can choose to change our ways of being… as I wrote about in another post last year… otherwise the world will help us on our way. But it is easier to just breathe a while and become aware of the passion and joy that flows as a strong force within and allow the creative being we are to move with the rhythm of life… inspiring us.. to live our grandest dream and be the Grand Creator we truly are.

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness