To Truly Love Yourself

IAM LOVE...This last month has been really heavy for me… I feel the energies have intensified so much these past few weeks, vibrating at a very fast and high frequency…  not only coming from the cosmos but also from the centre of the earth… like hot flames burning away all my yesterdays that no longer support me… my old ways, memories, habits, addictions, patterns etc…  until IAM left with only a peaceful and solid sense of pure love, joy and light…  As I wrote in a recent blog post,  it’s taken a toll on my face.. there is no getting away from it… and it continues to flake, peeling all the layers of yesterday off…  I feel like a snake shredding its skin.. going into another phase in life...  So I do know it’s important for me to stay relaxed and peaceful and focus on healing and balancing my body consciousness. (body, mind and spirit)..

Last friday/saturday i ‘went into’ drama and started feeling sorry for myself, being the poor me and victim… that nothing works etc…  and what happened… my face followed my thoughts and beliefs and I took a step back in my healing and my face became inflamed again…  It was a way of reminding myself that I was not truly loving myself, not trusting myself to heal and knowing that IAM a magnificent light being in a physical body rebalancing my body consciousness… I knew I had to stay away from outside stress, to drink plenty of water, eat a little of good things I liked and to leave off the wine for a while…

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Choosing LOVE over FEAR… NOW

Infinate Love

Tom and I spent some good old ‘me time’ and ‘time-out’ Dec 2012, we had a really great time together… celebrating life… and each other… and it overflowed into early January when we went further south to explore a town called Benalmadena…

I also celebrated a couple of dates… December 12th and December 21st 2012, two dates that i’ve looked forward to for a long time… I gathered with friends to celebrate our continued intention and vision of a peaceful, harmonious and joyful world… We all had a great time together and look forward to more people and groups joining us for our 4 quarterly get togethers… The next one is on the spring equinox 21st March in Bol Nuevo… Hosted by Marie who teaches yoga…   Continue reading