IAM a Violinist… and the Symphony Orchestra too…


IAM playing my violin in the string section of the symphony orchestra

IAM totally focused on my violin, hearing the beautiful music I play

IAM aware of the other violins around me, playing in harmonious union

And deep inside me I know IAM part of something much bigger… the string section

So I expand… I allow myself to hear other string instruments playing next to the violins

Their tones are so different… deeper… higher… unique and beautiful

but what do I hear nearby… there is more… there is a whole woodwind section

I expand myself to the out skirts of this section and allow myself to listen

New tones… very different…beautiful and playing in such harmony with my violin Continue reading

The Formation of Power


My storehouse of wisdom is running low just now… and I’m enjoying myself with my family who are over for a holiday… I’ve therefore copied quite an interesting piece on ‘The Formation of Power’ that I came across some time ago… although I can’t say how or by whom this was written… it wasn’t me as IAM now… maybe it was me in another time… anyway… It’s great reading and makes us realise just how we got into the power struggle and fearful living today… Maybe, just maybe when more of us realise we can change our ways and treat each other with respect and care… We can create a new peaceful and harmonious world… Continue reading