4 Affects the Full Moon has on us…

full moon,

4 o’clock this morning, the full moon’s bright light woke me up to say a big Hello… I couldn’t resist taking this picture and sitting quietly for a while to admire its shine and feel into the energy it emanated. I saw a giant rainbow circling around it. It felt very powerful and magnificent as it’s shining light fell onto the ocean and all below. It was as if it was calling out… for us all to be aware of the affect and influence it has on us and not to be afraid of our own light and colour.


  • The full moon brings a woman’s menstruation cycle into ovulation… (mens = moon) The hormones Oestrogen and Testosterone rise at the end of an inspiring and creative cycle and in celebration the women connects with her community and loved ones. However, having said this most women are so disconnected from nature, Mother Earth and the Cosmos for various reasons that their menstruation doesn’t run parallel with the lunar moon cycle anymore.
  • The full moon, lines up with the earth and sun and brings is the second spring tide of the month (following the time of the new moon) and creates a high, high tide and a low, low tide. Our Human Body is 70% water and this time brings in our high and low moods. When we are very happy, we act extrovert, others might think we are a little crazy… but who cares.
  • The light of the full moon can keep you awake during this time.
  • The full moon brings the completion of a cycle, shining light on everything that may no longer serve our best interest. It is a perfect opportunity to take some quiet me-time and reflect and feel… Northing to do but be.

People often ask me how they can get back into the natural rhythm of nature and the lunar moon cycle and feel the affect the Full Moon in particular has on them and I simply answer… be aware and feel into nature at the different stages of the lunar moon cycle. Remain curious and keep asking yourself how you feel… what you feel.

Remember… We are a reflection of our Environment and Our Environment is a reflection of our Self.

Happy Full Moon time… Barbara Franken… Divine Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness