For as long as I can remember, when I have caught glimpses on television or magazines of royalty… especially the royal family in Holland, England and Princess Grace of Monaco… I have felt overwhelmed and weepy… a powerful thudding around my heart space that I could never understand… but definitely felt and have questioned… What is this feeling… Until just this last week when I was watching the news and saw the coverage of Kate, William & George… I was so overcome with this grand feeling in my heart… I was overwhelmed… and tears filled my eyes… I felt so connected… so part of it all… I admired how this family asserted themselves… how they behaved with others and how people treated them…

There was so much honour, grace, recognition and kindness… smiles of joy on both sides…  It reminded me of last years Olympics and Queen Elizabeths Jubilee when everyone was celebrating and happy, years before when Alexander, the King of Holland found his Maxima and had their family… and they empowered the whole country with their love and extra-ordinariness… and many years ago when Princess Diane got married, had her children and even later when she died so tragically…
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The curtains are opening… are you awake and watching, feeling and listening to what is going on???

Consciousness Shifting 2010

We have yet another whistle blower bringing to light agencies crossing the line… They say that these safety measures are to protect us???  but how far do you want our leaders to go… At what cost???  What does it mean to be 100% protected against attack, terrorism?  Is it to the cost of our privacy and independence… Mr Snowden is just the latest lad coming out with information where he believes THEY have crossed the line… Mr Wikileaks, Julian Assange still remains in asylum with the Ecuador Embassy after releasing similar data of interest… The US want to punish these guys… but again where do YOU draw the line… isn’t it our responsibility to inform everyone when things are just wrong… (even though you may have signed a disclosure of confidentiality)…  Do we all remember what Hitler did…  why didn’t anyone come out and say anything then???

I’ve just signed the petition at the white house to pardon Mr Snowden… https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/pardon-edward-snowden/Dp03vGYD Continue reading