The Wisdom of Golf… at Lorca Golf Resort, Spain


It was an early rise for another great golfing day… we drove down, along the Costa Calida Coastline, a good half hour away, to Lorca Golf Resort, Spain…  We had an early start time, making sure we were ahead of others golfers wanting to play their round before the sun gets too hot…  The weather is really warming up now… its around 30 degrees… although during the mornings and evenings a strong cool wind blows, sweeping up everything in its path that is not properly grounded…

Lorca golf course is quite new and barren land, on the outskirts of the old city of Lorca in the middle of nowhere.  It is quite a hilly course, surrounded by rough mountains with massive ravines zig zaging across it… where many of my balls found their new home… Unlike Desert Springs, the land is bland and colourless, I felt lucky to come across these lovely wild purple thistles… The land felt good though… natural, wild and alive…  I felt that whoever had developed this land was connected to it and was working from his hearts desire… Continue reading