Awakening… becoming aware of our true self…


We are all awakening… becoming more and more aware of our true self and the role we truly play in our own life… Through our journey’s experience, we become aware of the impact our choices have in our own destiny and the responsibility we have for everything that comes in and out of our life… We find out what we like, what feels right for us, what we desire and what truly makes our heart beat and soul sing… A true knowingness that resonates with our core.. An ‘aha’ moment that expands and shifts our human consciousness… which in turn attracts NEW ENERGY to come into our life and serve us… A NEW ENERGY that can fulfil new possibilities and new potentials… beyond anything our mind could imagine… Continue reading

Lets keep it simple… Mental Health…


Something outside of yourself happens, you are involved in a car accident, an embarrassing situation, lose a job, lose a partner… You become involved with ‘the happening’, the drama and it becomes YOU.  YOU become the downfall, the injured, the victim… and in order to keep the drama going (as it really keeps you busy) you blame others or create other self’s to continue the conflict with… to blame, to fight, to feed off…   The latter is the start of a multiple personality disorder, when you create divisions in your identity and interact with other self’s.

And you hear yourself saying ‘I’m losing my mind!’ …  and yes indeed… you are… Continue reading