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I can’t believe we are already in the middle end of January and I haven’t even published my first post yet… life keeps happening, but IAM here now and these are my words…  But first… May I wish my friends here on WordPress and my friends and family outside a good 2015, may it bring you all that you consciously CHOOSE.

This year feels different, normally on January 1st, I feel a lighter and more open energy, (compared with the heavy energy that leads up to the closing of an old year)… but all I still feel is a dense, closed and hectic energy… I feel as if I can’t settle or concentrate for long and instead have to be extremely alert.  Someone I listened to the other day summed up my feeling quite nicely…

You feel like you are walking in a tunnel of whirling wind and you are the light of a candle that is trying very hard to stay lit.

IAM a master of peace and IAM spending much time listening to the sea’s ebb and flow from my home, taking many walks along the seashore and spending time consciously breathing, relaxing and being the light.   The hum in the air is keeping me ALERT AND AWARE of the upbeat of turmoil that is playing out all over the world… and also very close to home in France and Belgium.  The polarity FEAR vs LOVE is escalating as more and more people are becoming aware of how important it is to stand together, no matter what religion, politic, race or class and honour and respect each other’s unique difference.  It is also making more of us question the line we may cross when we don’t agree with another’s belief, opinion or law.

SATIRE was born many moons ago when people wanted to expose, criticise and ridicule corruption, hypocrisy, foolishness of ‘powerful’ individuals, groups and societies that threatened humanity… the Artists and Writers, hoping that their ‘humorous reminder of their ways’ would help them overcome their weakness and change their harmful way.

Satire has helped us through many horrific times with powerful leaders of ill will… standing up for our best interest on our journey to our civilized life.  We have experienced and learned much and most of us have come to the understanding that we are all unique and equal and that there is no one ‘right’ way, but many ‘right’ ways to live a happy life, believing in what ever we choose ‘as long as it is not to the detriment of ourself or another’.  Surely then, there is no more need to continue our ridicule of religious, political and cultural differences?

So why do we continue to do this?  Why can’t we allow ourself to focus on our own life and leave others to focus on theirs?  Or do we remain fearful of not being the best or the most important and fear the difference of another ?  

Our own fear is what attracts the fanatics who choose to repeat the patterns of their ancestors in the game of survival and in their ignorance, boredom and despair they come and fight with us to find out who the greatest is.

FEAR will never win because of the LOVE that is expanding quickly now among us… but the fight will continue until our individual and mass fear is understood and embraced.  IAM very sensitive to what is happening now… not only in real life but the TV drama’s and films are stepping up the ‘bloody fight’… I feel the fear of others around and I have to be so alert and aware to anchor myself in my own safety and love otherwise my light will blow out and the wind will sweep me away to a place that I don’t choose, maybe into a bloody fight being played out somewhere in the world.

So I’ll hang in here, being the light and love that IAM, deeply connected to my IAM presence and ALL Knowingness, trusting myself to be in the right place at the right time and hope that more and more fellow men/women open up to their own truth and this great shift of consciousness that is happening on Earth at this time.

The more LOVE… the less FEAR and CONFLICT

IAM getting so excited about the publication of my first book as it gets nearer to D-Day…It is about my own experience of my journey to FREEDOM, awakening to my Mastery and Enlightenment.  I imagine it being read in many corners of the world and inspiring many people to FREE themself from the limitations of the mind and our physical human reality.

Tom and my own new ‘food lifestyle’, not eating many carbs is going from strength to strength, we are both losing excess fat and toning up with much walking.  Toms blood glucose and blood pressure, already after 3 weeks went down to below normal.  YES. We’re off for our winter break in the warmer part of the world visiting family so we’ll take some pictures of our trim selves for the next post next month… In the meantime take care and keep yourself balanced otherwise the wind might just blow you away.

IAM Barbara Franken… DivineHumanBeing, Magnificent Master & Explorer… Living in the New Energy Consciousness.


Truly Forgiving Self…


A big thank you to all my divine sisters and brothers here on wordpress, who never stop inspiring me to expand my consciousness through their presence.  The other day whilst I was catching up on my reading I came across inspiring posts on forgiveness… which in turn inspired me to want to talk about my own experience with the word forgiveness.

Thankyou Leigh for including me in your 2 week Round of Forgiveness… to read Leigh’s and the other posts on forgiveness please visit http://bluegrassnotes.wordpress.com

From a young age I knew that some things that happened to me and others weren’t quite right and definitely didn’t feel good, but I moved on none the less… living my life the best I could.  During my late 20’s and early 30’s I spent one day a week for 5 years in a class of ‘Self Discovery’ with a great dutch teacher.  He helped me melt away my numbness that hung around me and discover a most passionate and sensual being that had always been within me.

I spent time looking energetically at my ancestral family, the good and bad points carried down and the actions of abuse and disease that still continue to prevail in my family.  My family seemed to either copy another or do the opposite. Either way patterns grew stronger down the line.  It seems everyone lived on autopilot which made abuse and disease of the body, mind and spirit seem quite natural. I realised that it wasn’t just happening in my family but in all families.  We were all living the lives of our ancestors… great great grandma’s, great uncle’s, granddad’s, mother’s… This was a big ah ah moment for me and made me understand why I had grown up feeling numb like a robot.  I had shut my whole self down to be able to experience human life.  It wasn’t me, I had experienced my life based on the beliefs and conditioning of my ancestors.

I knew for sure that I didn’t want to carry on with these patterns.  I wanted to be in soul charge of my body, mind and spirit, to be self sufficient and create my life and my destiny as I so desired… even down to a couple of design points that I will sculpt into perfection when the time allows.

All I had to do was choose to step out of the ancestral drama and allow myself to be the sovereign and free being IAM.. even by faking it at times…

I began to appreciate the unique and magnificent person I and everyone truly was. I understood that all the teachings and experiences in life from my parents (early on) and myself later had been chosen in order to experience the act of human love and had made me who IAM today.  For better or worse, the wisdom of my roles and lives had all been distilled and are the essence of me today.  The nitty gritty details of my past life are now unimportant and I have wiped them clean, allowing me to detach and move on living a most sensual and passionate life in freedom.

Throughout my life I’ve had a weariness about the church, religion and the word FORGIVENESS and it wasn’t until I had read a religious book on forgiveness and read the thesaurus synonyms and antonyms that I understood why it had made me so weary…

Synonyms of forgiveness
… Absolution, Amnesty, Clemancy, Compassion, Charity, Grace, Mercy, Remission, Reprieve, Vindication, Acquittal, Immunity… the words go on and on… mostly words the church uses but two words spoke to me… COMPASSION AND GRACE…

Antonyms of forgiveness… 
Cruelty, blame, meanness, accusation, censure, charge, punishment, sentence

The church, religion and the word forgiveness kept humankind (and especially me) playing the game of you are bad and i am good.  The human game of power and control that our ancestors began and we have continued to play in for far too long.  This had given me the feelings of being locked in, limited and very tired.

Had I truly understood the human game and understood that I could step out of it when I was ready?  Ready to forgive myself by being compassionate and graceful with myself.


In every given moment we can choose to awaken from the human game of duality and be aware that there is so much more to life and ourself… aware that the universe and humankind are multi-dimentional… aware that we are naturally magnificent, unique and self sufficient… aware that we have feelings, desires and finally… aware that there is no need to be better or worse than another and just allow ourself to be compassionate and graceful with ourself and everyone.

Recently Adamas, from the crimson circle shared with Shambra his observations on FORGIVENESS which truly resonated with me… I heard his words at the most perfect moment and it rounded off my own feelings about truly forgiving self wonderfully.   In order to be truly free, it is important to forgive yourself, but not in the old way of saying you’re sorry, making yourself suffer or carrying the baggage of karma around and staying in the human game.  Forgiveness is saying that wasn’t me, that was an old programmed and hypnotised me experiencing human expression.  IAM the IAM presence. Me, my magnificent self, that is responsible, compassionate and honours myself and everyone else.

Adamus spoke of the four S’s… to help forgive/have compassion for our true self…

To forgive myself for my separation… I believed I was lost and alone, but I know now I only chose another path for a while and have now found my whole self.

To forgive myself for my sin… destiny… karma… I believed I was a sinner and I believed in destiny and karma, but I know now it is not true. I know now that bad things feel bad and therefore I don’t do bad things anymore.

To forgive myself for my selfishness… I believed others when they told me it was bad to be selfish and to only focus on myself. But I now take bad out of selfish and allow it to be joyous… I know now that it is good to be self focused, loving, abundant and self sufficient. I allow myself to be a new standard to be truly myself, radiating my IAM presence, allowing my light to shine without the overlays of the good and the bad. To be self-full, self aware and release all the old and bad energy.

To forgive myself for being stupid… I married the wrong man, said the wrong thing, shouldn’t of done that… stupid stupid stupid… but that was just how I chose to experience myself, it was all part of my human expression not my IAM presence. It’s not about being smart, earning merits from others or perfecting the human being. I know the human could never figure it all out and all the teachings, especially spiritual teachings about becoming better, wiser… are all nonsense.  As the IAM presence I can appoint myself as enlightened master and release all my stupidity. And so it is.

Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…

Ormus... New Elemental Being showing the potential of a DivineHumanBeing...

New Elemental Being showing the potential of a DivineHumanBeing…

I’ve just been reading my friends posts and really want to share with you all a new book my friend Michael has just published that I know is a wonderful and inspirational read… Barbara x




In a moment of solitude I release my shame and guilt…

IMG_1905The sky is bright blue, waves gently lapping onto the seashore, the sea glistening crystalline under the rays of the sun and the birds chirp with joy as they sway in the palm trees… Tom and I are settling into our new home, observing and feeling into this new space and surrounding environment. We are excited to be able to relax in a most magical place and allow new inspiration and potential to give birth to a wonderful new adventure and new creations…


The clouds flow by, some dark with moisture to dampen the atmosphere, scattering natural juice on the gardens and clearing the dust… The waves are becoming more visual with frothy white edges and splash up against the rocks, the wind begins to howl, rustling the palms… the birds long gone except for the seagulls flying high, waiting patiently for fresh fish that the sea brings in, together with a wonderful aroma and display of seaweed… a distinct smell of the sea.. Rich gifts from the depths of the ocean…

As I witness the presence of nature’s natural order, the simple and elegant ebb and flow of our natural beautiful world… the highs and lows, the light and darkness, the acceptance of life’s graceful movement… I connect to the freedom that lies beyond the mind and our physical reality and am inspired to create my third painting in my ‘Elemental’ collection and write my last chapter and conclusion of my first book… Me, My Magnificent Self.

IAM Peace... Continue reading