Guest Interview – Ormus

www.memymagnificentself.comMy guest today is Ormus, he is one of the main characters of my first book… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom, shortly to be released. Both Ormus and myself are getting very excited to be able to share our amazing journey, not only is it about meeting extra-ordinary characters that I understand are all aspects of myself returning as new potential, but my experience awakening and integratiing with All of myself and being aware of the truth of my Magnificent and Sovereign Self.

Ormus, played quite a central character in my life and when I need to know anything about new energy dynamics, he’s the man who delves into the depths of me to retrieve information. Ormus was the one whose words I remember exploded my tiny mind into a multi-million fragments and gave way to a new grand perspective of an infinite expanding consciousness.

Ormus was born as a blue blob that fell from my paint brush when painting one of my healing cards in a creative painting workshop. He grew into an ancient elemental animal of great colour and beauty and had come to share with me the knowingness of The New Energy Consciousness that was now expanding within Mother Earth and each Humanbeing. As my perception grew, he took on a more Human look… and a little bit more.

So welcome Ormus, how are you feeling now that your message will shortly be read by so many people?

IAM so happy that everything is falling into place… you truly are doing your best to live according to your new role as DivineHumanBeing. Experiencing moments of worry is all part of remembering that going into mistrust and no flow creates in 3D reality… a few steps forwards and a few steps backwards… until the right time and space for your book comes and can unfold its own life in creation. I know it’s been difficult to trust this, but its important to remember there is always the perfect time and place for the people who are ready to be around you, so sit back and allow your Divine Self to bring it all into action. Your only job is to be aware of everything and allow life to unfold. 

Yes, the Human need to push and make effort has been unfortunately deeply embedded in my body and psyche which IAM now aware of and allow it to release itself. It is one of the hardest things to remember and change because of my need to organise, control and save the day. It’s the old pattern of survival wanting to play out instead of allowing myself and life to thrive and my creations to flow into my reality.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Let go and let GOD… this is one of the biggest truths…especially now that you understand that you are GOD too, Barbara.

So, Ormus, without spilling the beans, so to speak… could you say something about the core of your message in the book, the truth that is important for me and all Humankind to remember.

Life is all about consciousness. The Magnificent Consciousness that you and All life is. Look around you, everything is here to serve you, it’s one large field of potential waiting to give you exactly what you want to experience… So what do you want to experience? Be clear with your intention, the intention of your DivineHuman self who holds the grand vision of a peaceful and loving New Earth. How are you going to fulfil your new role for yourself?

I recently painted another SoulArt painting with the full moon emanating masses of colourful energy onto Mother Earth, encouraging my friends and I to dance and sing in its light and just feel glad to be alive and full of love and knowingness of how life all truly works.

…and as you paint, your passion creates your reality and you begin to feel the pure love, joy and freedom that you choose to experience. Life is so simple, it is all here… awaiting YOU.

Thank you so much Ormus for coming into the spotlight today. I do know you love standing in the light and expressing yourself… something I know you are helping me get used to. We are now 3 weeks until the release of our book, lots of media attention, interviews and talking about The Magnificent Consciousness and the Journey to Freedom that is calling for us all to choose.

Call to Action…
One of my friends gave me a wonderful idea to help create awareness for my book release and that is from November 1st untiI 14th to ask my fellow writing friends to write/blog/publish each day interviews and reviews about me and my book.  This means some special people get to read my book NOW… So IAM asking who would like to help me create a big buzz. Please let me know, either in the comments or send me an email to and lets make it happen. Thank you so much.

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Until soon again, take care and keep enjoying life… no matter what is happening.
Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

Mankind solve the European Refugee Crisis with LOVE…

Good Sunday morning to everyone I know in this NOW moment. I just awoke from my magnificent dream. Mankind, thats me and you found the true meaning of our Humanity… to love without comparison, with no borders and no separation. Please take a moment NOW to close your eyes, breathe and walk with me through my dream once again. We are MANKIND and we solve the European Refugee Crisis with LOVE.

It is early morning and the countryside grass and wild herbs is freshly trodden, leaving a wonderful aroma lingering in the air, as thousands of people rise from a good sleep and feeling revitalised begin their new day walking as best they can to their new homeland. The skies slowly become lighter as the sun rises and shines its light on the path for many refugees to find a new, peaceful and loving life.

They have chosen to leave behind the crazy madness of the ones who couldn’t find it in their hearts to remember (yet) they are part of MANKIND too and their very special task as part of humanity to honour and love each other so that each can create their own heart and soul’s desire on the physical plane.

So walking on a new path the refugees feel a renewed sense of hope, they can’t really explain how they feel but it is as if they are being welcomed home by long lost family. Tears of happiness flow from their eyes as they begin to feel the millions of transparent and bright coloured bubbles exploding onto their skin and clothes… that release the purest sense of LOVE that flows through their body, mind and spirit. It is a love they recognise from when they were innocent children playing and laughing in the open fields being totally free.

Everyone among them felt this feeling of unconditional LOVE intensifying, their heart opening wide and all previous hurts and pains seemed to dissolve. A few of the young men who weren’t sure why they too had chosen to walk to a new land began to feel for the first time an innate knowing of how they were going to allow their unique and creative expression to unfold in the heart of life. The people in authority they met on the different European borders and organising the transportation were kind and welcoming, there was an abundance of fresh foods and water along the way and as if by magic everyone seemed to know how this new integration would naturally unfold and be the beginning of a new way of living and loving together.

Breathing In and Out… in full Awareness… Deep and Calm… Breathing In and Out

People from all around the world were focusing on the extra-ordinary exodus of people walking to Europe and together they joined one focus. Consciously breathing in the original LOVE of MANKIND… to love without comparison, with no borders and no separation… and expanding the love that they are to the area of Europe where it manifested as transparent and colourful bubbles that held the solution and the beginning of a new way of living on Earth…in peace, harmony and natural order.

Breathing In and Out… in full Awareness… Deep and Calm… Breathing In and Out

And so it is…

Barbara Franken… Creative visionary and Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…

What’s 888 and The Lion’s Gate all about…

I’ve had quite a bit of information flowing my way about today 888 and the opening of the Lion’s Gate. So yesterday I decided to take some time and ‘feel’ into the energies during a 36 hour period and write about what comes up. But first I’d like to explain that whereas I used to be quite interested in all the dates and eagerly went out of my way to feel and celebrate them with my local friends or online around the world… I now realise that although they help create awareness of the ongoing influx of new and intense energies… they can become more of a distraction if they keep you away from the NOW moment and experiencing your own life.

I know it is no coincidence that Cecil the friendly lion was killed just before this date and similar to when people die and compassion is felt between everyone, causing hearts to open… Cecil’s death created worldwide compassion which opened many hearts, bringing in much awareness, in particular to the date 888 and the Lion’s Gate. I can imagine Cecil standing there pouring his raw masculine power down from the Heavens onto Mother Earth, who simultaneously pours her raw feminine power up to meet the masculine energies and enjoy a beautiful union.

This is what I first felt early last night and it reminded me of my SoulArt of Balance I created with Ormus (an elemental being) a few years back.

During the night I experienced the heavenly incoming energies as very intense… and if I wasn’t so aware, I could be quite frightened. I felt as if everything was being sucked out of me… also the sea outside my window, I could feel the magnetic energies pulling the sea up. Only when I began to consciously breathe and connect with all the energies, the heavens, the Earth and my own, did I feel the energy flow take on a calm, balanced and loving feeling. Somehow the intense heavenly energies continued to pull all the old and obsolete parts of Earth and humanity up to the surface for release… me included… similar to the affect the full moon has… but much more intense.

So this brings me to this morning, I awake early feeling quite vibrant (so early) and went for my morning walk along the sea-shore and felt everything to be calm and balanced. Upon my return home I spent an hour sitting quietly, it didn’t take me long before I knew I had to face my back towards the sea, to allow the back of my heart space to open up towards the light of the sun. The back of our Heart is a very sensitive portal that connects us directly to other portals of the Heavens and Earth. After quite a while consciously breathing I felt empty yet full and very much loved, calm and balanced and I knew that what was taking place (beyond the understanding of my mind) was all part of Humanities integration and quantum leap to the next level that is ongoing in the now moment and not isolated on a particular date.

When each person is ready and chooses to expand their awareness, they will be able to allow their own Integration with their Divine self to take on a more loving, calm and balanced feeling, rather than an intense and somewhat frightening experience that the incoming energies can have on people now.

Ormus is an Elemental Being that brought me the understanding of Energy Dynamics that I write about in one of my chapters in… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom... coming soon… If you haven’t liked my new Facebook page yet, could I ask you to go there and click on like… Thanks so much… Upwards to 200 now…
Barbara Franken… Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…

IAM having the most beautiful love affair… with myself

images-11For generations now we have played with and carried down the beliefs and patterns of our ancestral biology… living the best and the worse of times… we have become ill, died young, grown old and afraid with nothing but weary and painful bodies and minds to show for our self and our life…

But… what if…  YOU discovered YOU were all powerful and could change all this… by having a most wonderful love affair with yourself…

Do I sense your heart and soul stirring. Can I hear your mind wondering if there really is a way for the body and mind to be vibrant, healthy and rejuvenated… and only choose to die when you feel you have experienced enough.

This is actually happening quite naturally now… Earth and all her inhabitants are taking on a new crystalline biology… We are integrating with our true divine self… our light body and mind are melding together with our human physical body and mind… Humankind is taking a quantum leap into a pure crystalline vibration.

An ‘Earth Vortex Art Mandala’ by Barbara Franken, Mazarron Country Club…
I collected the rocks during the past 7 years… for the last 4 years they have been turning crystalline in form… showing us what is indeed happening at a molecule level…

When we remain unaware, unconscious of this magnificent happening, we will not only miss out on the best celebration party ever, but our physical body that is releasing old ancestral patterns and beliefs will feel even more tired, old and painful, and our mind if not already depressed will retire into oblivion… and find ourself departing this physical reality in a painful way… (We have to understand that this is purely because we have focused all our attention on our suffering and pain that has only magnified our being).

So if you find your heart resonating will these words and would like to be part of this grand happening… that has never been done before… with no rules and guidelines… no spirits, ascended masters, teachers or gurus to tell you how, when and where…


I ask you now to take some deep and conscious breaths, to the depth of your being… allowing the conscious breath to take you out of your mind… your thoughts, your memories and what you have to do next…

A deep breath in, pushing your tummy out as you receive your life force energy inside your physical body and mind and a noisy exhale as you release everything that no longer serves you…

Deep breaths in and out, as you allow yourself to receive so much love… are you willing to receive… receive the love that is all around you and deep within you… breathing it all in, filling you completely… allowing your body to become a flowing river of pure love…

Feeling the energy vibrate within you, as you imagine your divine light self merging with your physical self… Feel the grand love affair, the intertwining of the divine and human energies and through this union you release all that ever was, all that you ever were and give birth to a new light biology… A body that rejuvenates, vibrates health, wisdom and is self sustained…

Breathing in and out… deeper and deeper into the core of you… receiving… receiving… feeling yourself melting deeper into your body… the sweet body that you created as the home of soul… the miracle of you… the love affair… of the soul and the human… the true light body and mind absorbing the physical miracle of you… YES… All you have to do is breathe… allow yourself to receive so much love and joy…


The pressure is on, the body is feeling the tremendous energies that are coming into the Earth and humankind now, excruciating pains and emotions that make you want to shut down and stop breathing… but its important to breathe and drink deeply from this beautiful energy…

Allow yourself to feel it and know that it is here to serve you… Energy itself has no agenda, no mind or direction… With the conscious breath and no fear, allow the energy to serve you. Allow your life force energy to serve what you choose for yourself now… (Be clear and stand in your authority as to what you desire in your life) and a funny thing will happen… you’ll notice that breathing in without any fear, control or restriction… won’t hurt anymore… it’s no longer painful… your thoughts and emotions don’t become more complex… your physical body doesn’t hurt…

When you stay in fear, in control, in resistance and hold back… the energies can only hurt your physical, mental and emotional body… because again that is what your human mind is paying attention to…

Allow yourself to trust and open up to something new… having no fear, no control… just the conscious breath of allowing something different, something great to come about…

When you practice the conscious breath, going beyond your mind, you will begin to feel and connect with your divine self that has always been there, waiting for your attention… Allow your divine self to be your guide, where all the answers to your questions are answered and will prompt you as to just how and when to take the next step… but in the meanwhile… feel the love, be joyful in each new day and embrace all of yourself…

Barbara Franken…  Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…


Ormus… Showing me how we must breathe in the new energies now…

P.S. We are here in Benalmadena… it is truly great… we feel right at home and slowly settling in, finding everything a new place (so many things collected over the years)… but no tv or internet yet… so please bare with me as IAM not reading or posting much… I will return though… and in the meantime IAM breathing the conscious breath, IAM painting… IAM golfing… IAM dancing and singing in joy… IAM finishing my book… and AM with you all in spirit…

This post was written after I have been very busy packing, moving, unpacking and my body started hurting bad again… I had forgotten my conscious breath… and after reading Adamus’s channel last Saturday I was inspired to write this post. ( Adamus mentioned the cardinal grand cross, the astrological event happening between April 22 – May 10 2014 that is indeed influencing life on Earth… and my divine sister Linda wrote a lovely piece about it all this last April…   So please take good care of yourself and until next time I have internet… Barbara x


What do we really want?


One big question that we all share at some point in our life is ‘what do we really want?’ and I’m sure you’ll agree that we want security, love, health, abundance, money, more sleep, joy and happiness… but this leads to another question, ‘who’s going to give us this?’  and I’m sure that we all realise by now that no one can give us anything… unless we are willing to conform to their ideas and ways… So it just leaves our self!  ‘but how do we give our self these things?’  The human mind certainly hasn’t managed to come up with an answer yet… Continue reading