January Challenge… Our Awakening Experiences…

DSC03473I was having a little fun dressing up as a beautiful knight in shining armour… All dressed up to show off my importance and to protect myself from the demands of others… Haven’t we come a long way since these days of knowing no better than to fight the good fight and conquer material things in recognition of our MAGNIFICENCE…

It’s the last day of January and I thought I would post a short piece in recognition of January’s Challenge and our daily posts recalling the personal experiences of our awakening… Recognising that there is indeed more than we physically perceive, that we are truly part of source, god, love or anything else we like to call the energy that everything is made up of… We are all, each in our own time and unique way naturally awakening, bringing the human being to the next frequency, vibration, level…

There have been a few ‘enlightened’ masters before us who have passed over… Ascended Masters who continue to watch over us… but now it is time for the awakened human being to take the next quantum leap and allow their own enlightening and ascension to take place here on earth… It is time for many embodied ascended masters, from all across the world, from each community, region and culture to anchor the new energy consciousness in their own unique and magnificent way… co-creating a peaceful and harmonious earth… right here and now…

If you have been reading each day the collection of awakening experiences and journey’s into love that we are sharing together, you will have felt as I do… so connected, so inspired and so grateful with all our friendships here on wordpress… My heart has opened wide in the understanding of our individual uniqueness, yet resonating with the similarities of our life experiences…

IAM so thankful to you all and I know we are creating together a magnificent E Book for others to read our amazing awakening experiences and journey in life… I have my magical 33 number of amazing people for this challenge which runs until February 8th… After which I will put all the stories together and present a lovely E Book to you all, to share around the world… to help keep our own inspiration and creation going strong and that of many others… who are now on the verge of their own awakening…

So I say CHEERS to you all… and to continuing our awakening experiences into February…


Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…

The Schedule for others to enjoy reading…

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9th     Dace      – http://mywaytotruth.wordpress.com
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24th    M…          – http://seeingm.wordpress.com
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7th     Michael    – http://embracingforever.com
8th     Lehua       – http://amusingspirit.wordpress.com
9th     Aleya        – http://alohaleya.wordpress.com



For as long as I can remember, when I have caught glimpses on television or magazines of royalty… especially the royal family in Holland, England and Princess Grace of Monaco… I have felt overwhelmed and weepy… a powerful thudding around my heart space that I could never understand… but definitely felt and have questioned… What is this feeling… Until just this last week when I was watching the news and saw the coverage of Kate, William & George… I was so overcome with this grand feeling in my heart… I was overwhelmed… and tears filled my eyes… I felt so connected… so part of it all… I admired how this family asserted themselves… how they behaved with others and how people treated them…

There was so much honour, grace, recognition and kindness… smiles of joy on both sides…  It reminded me of last years Olympics and Queen Elizabeths Jubilee when everyone was celebrating and happy, years before when Alexander, the King of Holland found his Maxima and had their family… and they empowered the whole country with their love and extra-ordinariness… and many years ago when Princess Diane got married, had her children and even later when she died so tragically…
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Let’s not compromise ourself…


When we compromise our own truth we walk in murky waters…

To meet another half way, understanding our different perceptions is a
little different than stepping away from our own core truth in search
of recognition, approval or power…

If you need help… ask, be clear about your situation and if you are
confused say so…
  Take it easy on yourself…

©Barbara Franken…Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…