Celebrating the Summer Solstice…


This weekend IAM celebrating the Summer Solstice with all my like-minded friends around the world. It is a day where we experience the most light… and for this reason Humankind has celebrated the Summer Solstice since the beginning of our times… in honour of the light of our Sun, Earth and own inner light.

It is a perfect time to be conscious of the abundance of LIGHT that allows us to grow and the joy that it allows us to feel and be able to sing out loud and dance wildly. The light penetrates deep inside our bodies too, allowing us to feel the gentle stir of the loving presence of our Divine self who waits patiently for our Human self to take some quiet and peaceful time together.

My most magical place is sitting on the white beaches by the turquoise caribbean seas, it has a clear and loving vibration and I imagine the whole Earth taking on this magnificent feeling, where everyone lives happily and joyfully together… creating their heart and soul’s desire to live as they have always dreamed.

Today I imagined I was back here. I attended my friend Lisa’s opening of her new MindBody Studio and enjoyed a Mindfulness Body Relaxation from Isabel who both live locally here on the Costa del Sol. Isabel led us perfectly and gently into the core of Self where the consciousness of our Divine self resides. It was a special time, breathing and relaxing and connecting with All of myself… Body Mind and Spirit. A celebration in itself that gave me a little time to slip back into my magical place and sprinkle some love and light on the new Earth. Thank you Costa Women ladies for the couple of hours of peace.

Do you have a magical place to escape to for some quiet Me-Time… A place to feel the vibrant light of the Environment and within yourself… to imagine the vibrant love and light spreading all over the world…

Enjoy this weekend… Celebrate well and remember be forever present and conscious…

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

Summer Solstice… IAM thankful for the LIGHT…


Today, 21 June is the summer solstice and I awaken to a world of light and am thankful…
Today is a day of balance and I consciously choose to breathe this in…
IAM the LIGHT and the BALANCE…

Today I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…
I’d like to hold it in my arms and keep it company…
I’d like to see the world for once all standing hand in hand…
And here them echo through the hills for peace though out the land…
That’s the song I sing… Let the world sing to…
A song of peace that echoes on and never goes away…
A song of peace that echoes on and n-e-v-e-r  g-o-e-s  a-w-a-y…

What are you conscious of today and how are you going to celebrate it? 
Can you celebrate each day like this one?

Enjoy the day… enjoy yourself…

Now IAM aware… IAM awake… IAM enlightened… IAM magnificent…
and very THANKFUL… Are you?


A selection of true awakening experiences…

Please enjoy this selection of true awakening experiences… we are all awakening quite naturally now to who we truly are… this Free E Book shares wonderful true awakening experiences to help guide you through your own natural awakening… Enjoy

Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…

P.S. This morning, I read this wonderful awakening channel by Jonette Crowley which I just have to share with you all… Enjoy…



Through the cold darkness

I have waited for the sun to come up once again

on my human brothers and sisters.

It is past time.

Each of you holds secrets locked and coded

within your consciousness and your body—

closed and locked for your own good.

When darkness befell humanity,

much of the power was removed,

the keys guarded closely.

The keys are where you never look;

Inside yourself.

My name is ASHTATARA.

It means “mother of the world.”

I am a goddess and a human,

one of a race that remembers that you are gods and goddesses too.

Once the doors begin to open, the growth moves very quickly.

Once the doors are open there is no closing them.


The activation sequence is given in silence

at a level of consciousness that is barely awake in you.

I will move now into an initiation of silence.

I will speak again when it is done . . .

[Silence for about fifteen minutes]

. . .create the possibility of a much bigger you and much more whole oneness. . .

Receive the love from this field in a way that

transforms everything you have been until now—

a love far beyond the emotional love;

a love that is the breath of God.

Receive now, deeply into your newly awakened cells of light.

Be sanctified Beloved ones.

Be sanctified permanently now.

You now carry codes of awakening.

You do not need me anymore.

I leave you now.

Channeled By Jonette Crowley… www.jonettecrowley.com



Summer Solstice 2013

Today is the start of a wonderful long Mid Summer Weekend in celebration of the sun’s light and to enjoy our connection with ONENESS… (during the Solstice the veils between the different realities/multi-dimensions are very thin, where the heavens and earth are the closest, heightening our psychic power enabling us to tap into our DIVINENESS for a new experience…)

The next four days is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to join together energetically and create a global love wave… illuminating our heart energy out into the cosmos… The more space that LOVE fills helps to embrace any mischievous and fear-mongering energy (both inside and outside the earth plane), that has the intention of slowing us down from moving on from our dualistic consciousness into unity consciousness…  Know that LOVE will always prevail… (http://www.alunajoy.com/2013-june-gotlove.html) Continue reading