7 Inspirational Posts from MeMyMagnificentSelf… Week 3


IAM so enjoying blogging each day, inspiration is flowing and it is helping me expand my friendship network… in preparation for the launch of my first book and Online and Local Master Creator Class later this year.

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In Date order IAM pleased to share with you my 7 Inspiration Posts I published this last week on MeMyMagnificentSelf. Enjoy…

1.  When you’ve tried everything and nothing works…
My Human self still likes to be in control and worry about accomplishing tasks… but it no longer works, I know this because it leaves me nervous and disempowered. So I…


2. IAM a unique Art Form…
I never for a moment thought of myself being a unique Art Form until…

www.memymagnificentself.com3 How Programmed are you… Maybe COLOUR is part of the answer…
I Love Colour… Colours are part of who IAM and reflect my qualities and hold the secret to being FREE instead of programmed. How programmed are you?


4. Can you help me RAISE AWARENESS for my 2015 action plan…
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5. How are you making a difference in the world…
It is easy to feel insignificant and unnecessary in life… but in fact we are all essential pieces of life on Earth. So are you shining and making a difference? I’d love to hear your voice.


6. Overcoming Writers and Bloggers Block…
I share my tips that help me overcome writers and bloggers block. Hope you like them and if you have any others, why not share them in my comments.  Thank you.

Where there is a will... there is a-2

7. Inspiring ‘The Magnificent Consciousness’ through Creativity.
I share my intention to make a difference in my local community. Inspiring children and adults, through creative activity The Magnificent Consciousness that we ALL are.

IAMMagnificentThanks for being here… enjoy my posts… Together we are making a better place to be our Magnificent Selves…

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

Inspiring ‘The Magnificent Consciousness’ through Creativity.


As promised the other day in my post, IAM writing about my intention to make a difference in my local community.  IAM in the process of setting-up a Spanish Association. A local charity in the province of Malaga, Andalusia… The Magnificent Consciousness. (Asociacion Conciencia Magnifia). My aim is to inspire, through creative and mindful activity, the magnificent and expanding consciousness that we all indeed are.

IAM joining forces with international women (that IAM meeting through Costa Women… A social and business network) to bring Project The Magnificent Consciousness to local children’s schools and adult classes. For them to explore and discover their Magnificent Consciousness and unique potential.

The project is similar to my Project Peace Mural that my friends and I brought into the local schools in Mazarron, Murcia… We talked in English about how the children…

  • Sense the Natural Order, Cycles & Beauty of Mother Earth.
  • Perceive their part in life and how they are a unique and magnificent force  within the whole of life.
  • Feel and know who they are and the freedom of living their life in love, joy and harmony.

… We asked them as a group to visualise their feelings and answers in a grand mural painting and exhibit and talk to others about it. 


I believe it is important that we allow our children and fellow adults to have the chance to explore and discover who they are, what they feel, what they like and how they want to live their life… and what better way than through creativity.

My funding will come from the sales of my book… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom that recalls my own experience discovering Who IAM and realising love and freedom… and my local and online Master Creator Class that I created together with sacred friends to commit and celebrate our Master Creator Selves. Later this year I should be ready to publish my book and release my online Master Creator Class… This book will be followed by a children’s version of the book… hopefully available for the christmas stockings.

Call to Action
IAM working hard at expanding my network of friends to be able to share my book and Master Creator Classes with as many people as possible… to help me raise my funds to fulfil my desire to inspire and create awareness locally, of our Magnificent Consciousness.
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Barbara Franken
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

Can you help me RAISE AWARENESS for my 2015 action plan…



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Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness