With gratitude for ALL of my life…


IAM Alexander…

Like a flash… the winter months have flown past and I find myself in March, the beginning of Spring here in Spain. The weather is mainly lovely and warm with blue skies and a gentle breeze, but today out of nowhere the dull thick clouds hang above me, the sea is frothing and noisy and I have had to put on 3 layers of tops to feel warm. It’s as if my environment is reminding me of the underlying turbulent current that life is made of… that no matter how much joy and happiness I experience it hangs in balance with the unrest in the world. I breathe life deeply in… embracing the sombre yet fiery environment… acknowledging and accepting with gratitude ALL of life. I sense a welcoming time to release my yesterdays… memories and energies that no longer serve me… Having said this, I realise that today is March 5th and the moon is completing its full cycle later today. It is the end of another cycle and an opportunity to begin something new… and it is up to me to be very clear of what IAM releasing with gratitude and allow myself to focus on a heart’s desire or two.


Flowers for the ladies everyday…

I wish to gently release any remaining doubts of my own true magnificence and any obstacles that may stop my creative process… and instead focus my energy on getting my book (that is nearly at the publishers) out into as many homes as possible, sharing my journey to freedom… Awakening to the Magnificent person I truly am… to inspire others to realise their own magnificence and creator self.  Not forgetting my grandson Alexander… who we love to see as often as possible… may the next time be soon as it is such a delight and honour to be in his company.  He teaches us how to live and enjoy each moment… the now moment being the only time that is important. He is such a well mannered child with a great sense of humour.  He also knows exactly what he likes and doesn’t like… we find we have to be quite clear with our own boundaries though, to ensure his respect and tame his mardiness that most children play at when they don’t get their own way.


Princess Juliette’s birthday breakfast… an abundance of fruit and chocolate cake…

February was a wonderful month that our family all got together, to celebrate our daughters 40th birthday… and catch up on each others lives… on a warm and fun caribbean island… St Maarten where she lives. We were spoiled with beautiful weather, delicious foods and cocktails and of course the company. We all managed to relax, have fun swimming in the pools and ocean, exploring the mountain nature, discovering new beaches, collecting unusual shells and crystals and making presents for mummy and daddy (who were working at home)… and of course shopping for island jewellery, clothes and sandals.


Beautiful St Maarten… Simpson Bay

Now we are home and settling into our quiet and peaceful life we enjoy here. Its been nearly 4 months since Tom found out he was diabetic and we continue enjoying our low carb, high good fat lifestyle… Tom feels like a new man, he continues to lose his weight and has to now give away his old baggy clothes.  He is nearly back to his perfect weight. Myself, IAM toning up nicely, losing my cellulite and am also nearly back to a perfect weight (for my height and body mass). What a blessing in disguise Toms diabetic experience has turned out to be. This summer we have my sister’s wedding to attend and we are going to look simply beautiful.

Here are our winter holiday photos which tell our story… enjoy… until next time…
Barbara x Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

IMG_5256 Waiting patiently for our catch...





Playing on the beach with Grandmas Ingrid



16 thoughts on “With gratitude for ALL of my life…

  1. What a nice surprise to hear from you Barbara! I visited St. Maarten once and it was extraordinary. One of the most beautiful islands I have seen, with lovely people and amazing food too. So great you get to visit regularly. Also happy to hear Tom is doing so well and you both are thriving with your new lifestyle.

    Best wished on the book. IAM certain it will reach all those who can benefit from your experiences.


    • Glad to be back Linda… and I intend to show myself more… especially now my book is on its way through CREATION… How nice it feels to have many sacred friends here, encouraging me… Thank you… Barbara x

  2. Delightful post; and no less empowering, reminding us of one of the greatest forces on the planet: thankfulness. It sounds like living in Spain is truly a beautiful thing. So glad you are experiencing Spring! We are not there, yet. But the hints, of spring, are here, most definitely. We have about a foot of snow away from the driveway and our walking paths. It is melting. Thank you so much, for taking time to visit my little blog! I look forward to visiting next time. You have a great blog. Peace.

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