Awakening and Integration is brutal and harsh… quiet and peaceful…

Barbara Franken

A sunny peaceful day in Benalmadena Costa

It is all happening now… quiet tranquil days of sunshine, feeling peaceful, calm and having lots of sleep… followed by stormy and wet days, feeling boundaries being crossed, stripped naked of comfort and familiarity and finding no rest or sleep. Pounding heads and hearts, painful joints and organs, weakness, skin irritations, indigestion and imbalance… falling down… and on and on the cycles come and go.

We are ALL in our own unique way experiencing the great shift of consciousness… that is naturally happening on Earth and to ALL Humankind at this moment. Natural CHANGE to CONSCIOUSNESS… that we are.  Earth and all HumanKind are naturally detoxifying our low, limited and fearful vibration and upgrading to a high loving and joyful vibration.

The detoxification and upgrade is brutal and harsh at times, rubbing our ego identity and physical body down to our bare essence… but we have to remember that times of peace and calmness follow… for us to catch our breath and relax… before the next onslaught.

All our nonsense and fear has to go… negative thoughts, excessive thinking, control, unconsciousness, unawareness, processing, programming, old behaviours, ancestral influences… Everything has to be either owned or released. We have to become empty yet complete vessels… for our Magnificent and Divine self, integrated with the essence of our Human love and wisdom to shine through our physical body.

Hang in there... and keep your hat on... Barbara x

Hang in there… and keep your hat on… Barbara x

When we are aware of this natural shift of consciousness, that I have been experiencing for the last 20 odd years, we can be the quiet observer of this wonderful and unique opportunity. We can allow ourselves to discern what pains and fears are our own, release everything that is not and embrace and own everything that we choose to make us whole. We are coming to the end of this shift… from living in a dual world of fear vs love to living in a world of unity, love and joy… so we are feeling the intensity now.

People who remain unaware of the happenings around them and focus only on their pain and lack will get swallowed up in the chaos. People who are addicted to drugs/alcohol or may be taking a high dosage of anti-depressants could be numbing their feelings and awareness and be a perfect target for mind-control. A game that power-hungry and evil groups play with. (Observing the Malaysian and German pilots).

It is essential for each one of us to pay attention, care and put ourself first. Drink enough water, eat lots of veg/fruit and a bit of protein.. Chicken Soup is a great comfort too. Dump the excess stodgy carbs… they are poison to the body. Walk a little if you can or imagine you are walking. Smile just because you made it to a new day. Breathe consciously and deeply each morning and evening for about 10 minutes…. saying I EXIST.. this aligns our Human self with our Divine self. Find a balance between working and relaxing.

When we care for ourselves we are acting in compassion and awareness… as examples for our children and neighbours to follow suit. Love… Love and Love yourself first and foremost. Thank you.

Rough seas and garbage spewed over the boundary walls.

Rough seas and garbage spewed over the boundary walls.

This mornings stormy walk by the ocean showed me quite clearly and to the point… the immenseness and greatness of the cleansing that is taking place now within the Earth and within each person… boundaries are being crossed and garbage being spewed up and expelled. I know it is a little painful… I have fallen down a couple of times now… (warning me to be super careful) but with knowingness, trust, a spring in our step and smile on our face, we can hang on and get through it the best we can.

Me, My Magnificent Self... My Journey to Freedom By Barbara Franken... DivineHuman Master Creator

Me, My Magnificent Self… My Journey to Freedom
By Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator

My first book… Me, My Magnificent Self… My Journey to Freedom will be born shortly... at least the E-book that I want to give as a gift to friends and family for a while. 

I’ve always liked the thought of people paying forward, asking others to do the same in their own unique way until we all have everything we desire. 

I’ve drawn up a list of people interested to receive and read my unique and magical true story that describes my journey through My Awakening, Integration and Enlightenment. If you would like to receive it too… please email me at and I’ll send you a copy as soon as it’s published… (may/jun).

I began writing about my true experience, expanding out of my Human limited identity into an infinite and time-less space of who I truly AM  Me, My Magnificent Self… DivineHuman Master Creator… to visualise and record the potential that I found here and now that is available to everyone who is aware and chooses for themself… to inspire others to realise and experience their own magnificence, potential and truth. And so it came into being as my gift to YOU.

If after you read my book, you would like to review it and share how it resonated with you… I’d love it…  If after you read my book, you share with me any writing errors… I’d love it too… If after you read my book, you tell all your friends and family about my book and spread the ‘good word’ around your network… I’ll love you… probably forever.

A brief introduction to… Me, My Magnificent Self… My Journey to Freedom… By Barbara Franken DivineHuman Master Creator…
…It was not until my husband Tom and I moved to a peaceful and tranquil part of Southern Spain, that I could truly relax and open fully to the natural world, the present moment and my core truths. These truths were made clear to me in the form of nine Elemental Beings as I began to perceive them. They were all aspects of me, separated during many lifetimes on Earth… but now I was choosing to bring all parts of myself back together as ONE Body Consciousness.
My First Elemental friend was Magdalena…
…I asked myself what this loving feeling was and understood that it was my true Divine and timeless self naturally unfolding and integrating within my Human self. I imagined a beautiful guardian angel, Magdalena sitting beside me and rocking me back and forth. She had come to share her loving wisdom with me. Magdalena explained that she was the part of me that radiated pure love throughout my being and beyond, a timeless consciousness of light that emanated my true sovereignty and magnificence from within. I was an amazing beauty that could feel safe knowing that no one, Human, Spirit or Alien would ever waste their time intruding or playing games with such a loving and beautiful presence.

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…
Barbara FrankenEnergy Consciousness allows everyone who individually chooses to listen to their own heart and participate in their own truth of being their Magnificent Self and Master Creator… to expand into a new experience of no-time and go beyond the limited mind and physical reality and live a life of joy, harmony and freedom. New Energy Consciousness is filled with abundant potential… beyond everything imaginable or ever experienced. It allows Magnificent Master Creators to live and experience the embodiment of their Divine IAM presence, here on Mother Earth… experiencing being New Energy Pioneers and Grand Master Creators we all truly are.

Be the Awareness… this Springtime… a Time of Rebirth…


*Be the awareness that observes the chatter of your mind and ego identity…
*Be the awareness of the space inbetween your thoughts…
*Breathe consciously into this space…
*Allow Ms Amazing to find and claim her place here and focus on new joyous experiences…
*Allow Ms Miserable to feel your love and release her hold on fearful and painful past experiences…
*Enjoy this Springtime, new potential and colour that this time brings…

Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness 

With gratitude for ALL of my life…


IAM Alexander…

Like a flash… the winter months have flown past and I find myself in March, the beginning of Spring here in Spain. The weather is mainly lovely and warm with blue skies and a gentle breeze, but today out of nowhere the dull thick clouds hang above me, the sea is frothing and noisy and I have had to put on 3 layers of tops to feel warm. It’s as if my environment is reminding me of the underlying turbulent current that life is made of… that no matter how much joy and happiness I experience it hangs in balance with the unrest in the world. I breathe life deeply in… embracing the sombre yet fiery environment… acknowledging and accepting with gratitude ALL of life. I sense a welcoming time to release my yesterdays… memories and energies that no longer serve me… Having said this, I realise that today is March 5th and the moon is completing its full cycle later today. It is the end of another cycle and an opportunity to begin something new… and it is up to me to be very clear of what IAM releasing with gratitude and allow myself to focus on a heart’s desire or two.


Flowers for the ladies everyday…

I wish to gently release any remaining doubts of my own true magnificence and any obstacles that may stop my creative process… and instead focus my energy on getting my book (that is nearly at the publishers) out into as many homes as possible, sharing my journey to freedom… Awakening to the Magnificent person I truly am… to inspire others to realise their own magnificence and creator self.  Not forgetting my grandson Alexander… who we love to see as often as possible… may the next time be soon as it is such a delight and honour to be in his company.  He teaches us how to live and enjoy each moment… the now moment being the only time that is important. He is such a well mannered child with a great sense of humour.  He also knows exactly what he likes and doesn’t like… we find we have to be quite clear with our own boundaries though, to ensure his respect and tame his mardiness that most children play at when they don’t get their own way.


Princess Juliette’s birthday breakfast… an abundance of fruit and chocolate cake…

February was a wonderful month that our family all got together, to celebrate our daughters 40th birthday… and catch up on each others lives… on a warm and fun caribbean island… St Maarten where she lives. We were spoiled with beautiful weather, delicious foods and cocktails and of course the company. We all managed to relax, have fun swimming in the pools and ocean, exploring the mountain nature, discovering new beaches, collecting unusual shells and crystals and making presents for mummy and daddy (who were working at home)… and of course shopping for island jewellery, clothes and sandals.


Beautiful St Maarten… Simpson Bay

Now we are home and settling into our quiet and peaceful life we enjoy here. Its been nearly 4 months since Tom found out he was diabetic and we continue enjoying our low carb, high good fat lifestyle… Tom feels like a new man, he continues to lose his weight and has to now give away his old baggy clothes.  He is nearly back to his perfect weight. Myself, IAM toning up nicely, losing my cellulite and am also nearly back to a perfect weight (for my height and body mass). What a blessing in disguise Toms diabetic experience has turned out to be. This summer we have my sister’s wedding to attend and we are going to look simply beautiful.

Here are our winter holiday photos which tell our story… enjoy… until next time…
Barbara x Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

IMG_5256 Waiting patiently for our catch...





Playing on the beach with Grandmas Ingrid



Awakening to who you truly are…

Based on my own ‘long’ awakening experience and the awakening of my sacred friends, the teachings of Adamus from the Crimson Circle and the research of Heather Carlini from the Carlini Institute… I have written the following piece on Awakening to who you truly are… In the hope that it helps people understand what is happening to them now… allowing their fears and pains to come home to them peacefully.. and with acceptance and consciously breathing… realise their soul’s desire…


One heart at a time, people are naturally awakening after a long and hard ‘human’ experience… You remember that you are so much more than your physical human body, mind and the five senses you have used…  You know that this awakening is part of a natural cycle of stages…  stages that at times you thought, you were going nowhere or even backwards… but the divine part of you had it perfectly timed in all ways… You are part of this grand natural awakening of humankind, part of an expanded cosmic happening… The integration of your Humanness and your Divineness… The full blossoming or enlightenment that allows you, DivineHumanBeing to consciously live on Earth as a Sovereign and Magnificent Being… A Living Ascended Master

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