The Truth about… Modern Day Illness…

Thanks to Luiza for this wonderful poster...

Thanks to Luiza for this wonderful poster… Luiza

Our classic doctors do a lot of good and most of them have a good heart, but I know that most of them have no idea to the underlying cause of our chronic dis-ease or indeed want to understand the truth about Modern Day Illness. They have been taught a very scientific way of treating symptoms and repairing the Human machine and are now quite connected with the pharmaceutical industry…. who seem to be taking the focus away from being Healthy to having lots and lots of money.

Somethings not quite right here, do you agree?  Well I know that this is not the way to go long term. Especially when our Health Care systems are costing more and more money to take care of the increasing amount of ill people… and I don’t accept the story ‘because of the ageing population’… although we are living longer, many young people are becoming chronically ill too. So what is happening to our Health?

Here are simple practices I know will help…

  • Take responsibility for your own health.
  • Exercise and eat good food and drink fresh water.
  • Moderate drinking alcohol, coffee, tea, juices
  • Focus on the positive but accept the negative
  • Be responsible for earning your living, bringing your kids up and volunteer to help regularly somewhere in the local community
  • Government to make organic and fresh foods cheaper to consume
  • Government to put tax on junk food and drink
  • Government to ensure water is fresh

A couple of years ago I met Mike who had Parkinson’s, on the Golf course and he was such an inspiration, I wrote about meeting Mike a while back after I was inspired me to do a bit of research into Parkinson’s. I came across a website ‘Fighting Parkinson’s Drug Free’.  It tells the story of Howard who holistically healed himself of Parkinson’s… He believes that anger, frustration, resentment, a greasy and sweet diet and too much work and not enough sleep all contribute to the electric circuit of the body shutting down… stress causes adrenaline to shut down the production of dopamine that transmits brain signals between the brain and the body.

Last year my husband Tom went through another health episode and was diagnosed with diabetes. I wrote about our experience and my research into diabetes here. Our drastic change in diet and eating/drinking habits turned his diagnosis around within 3 weeks.  So I know for sure that there is more to the Truth about Modern Day Illness… and it is mostly in our own hands to change the word Illness into Wellness.

Take care of yourself please, because at the end of the day, nobody else can.

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

Project O… The importance of having an opinion…

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Opinionated man is running Project O to raise awareness about the importance of having an opinion… For the last two days I have been looking into the depths of my being and have written my answers… of course my friends here will know what type of answers you’ll see… They came from the heart anyway… and if you want to submit answers too… there is still time…   Template here…

My Answers…

Name: Barbara Franken







Question 1: Please provide a window into who you are, some background information in a not too overwhelming profile here. I am allowing you as the writer to immediately connect with your audience so take advantage. Remember the point of ordering these questions is to arrange this project so it is easy for comparison and not to constrain you as the writer. Write as long as you need to for each question to get your point across just remember not to lose the reader.

IAM Barbara Franken, a 50+ English female… I left my Derbyshire family home to travel Europe at 18 with the question WHO AM I…  I eventually settled down in The Netherlands, making it my family home for the next 25 years with my husband Tom and stepchildren Juliette and Richard.  Tom and I planned an early retirement and moved to our new home in Southern Spain, on the Costa Calida 7 years ago.  We have a great relaxing life that we both enjoy… away from the busy and fast ‘western’ life… We visit our children, who live in Florida and St Maarten during our winter months, making sure we have sunshine all year round…

During my ‘Dutch’ experience, living in an open, free and friendly society, as opposed to the stiff upper lip attitude and narrow mindedness of Britain, I found the answer to my question of WHO AM I…

IAM a DivineHuman Being, teacher and explorer… who inspires conscious living in the New Energy Consciousness…  I share my hearts desire, experience, observations, discoveries and insights as more and more people are naturally awakening to their divinity and creator self…

Can you imagine living in a world full of JOY, COLOUR and HAPPINESS?


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Have you ever wondered?


Have you ever wondered how different your life might be if you and all society had been brought up with the truth that you were ‘born a Masterpiece’?  A unique and magnificent being, growing up gracefully with all the elements of our natural world, sharing your innocence and qualities with others in spontaneous moments, experiencing the delights and beauty around you and creating whatever filled you with passion and joy …
Have you ever wondered what life would be like if everyone was responsible for their actions and cared for themselves first and each other in an unconditional loving way, knowing that the only purpose to life was to enjoy, indulge and be in each moment… Have you ever dared imagine everyone living and working together in cooperation and harmony, everyone understanding… after so many years of duality… there is no more need to fight, to judge, to doubt and be afraid… we are indeed all equal and there is enough of everything for everyone to share… Continue reading

Self Pity vs Self Love…

Passion Flower
Unnecessary criticism, verbal cruelty, sarcasm and malicious gossip demeans the speaker, making him less, darkening his aura and encourages a habit to form… but even his unspoken words travel through the ‘song of the universe’ to find the recipient…

Do we choose to accept these feelings of wickedness that cloud our aura and reinforce the nasty comment we had heard from a neighbour, friend or dear one? Do we allow it to overwrite who we truly are… and believe we are terrible and that people are against us? Do we allow the words and thoughts to hit our heart like an arrow, sending us into a panic attack and a journey of self-pity? Continue reading