2014-2015 Lunar Eclipse Cycle… A Time to be Truly Balanced…

September 22 and 23, 2014 we have celebrated the Autumn Equinox. It was and still remains the perfect opportunity for us to make sure we are balanced, putting ourself first, prioritising things that are important to us. Releasing everything that no longer serves us. Walking away from situations that do not resonate with our heart and preparing ourself for an ‘upbeat’ time where life and our physical body might seem to be having a break down… but understand it is all part of a natural cycle, to allow Humankind to choose to raise its own unique vibration and live as magnificent and loving beings we truly are.

October 7 and 8, 2014 is the 2nd full Lunar Eclipse of a 4 consecutive cycle of blood moons, that I wrote about in this post IAM reblogging. Life is going to heat up even more from now on… our body and life as we have known it for so long, is being shaken up to make sure we release everything that no longer serves us. So please be aware of this turmoil time that we have to go through and stay calmly centred with your IAM presence, breathing consciously and deeply, listening to what is in your best interest to do and follow through. Listen to your heart and not your mind and trust that you are in the perfect place at the most perfect time. Don’t allow yourself to step into the fear… Trust that everything is perfectly well in all of creation. Take care of yourself… Barbara x

Me, My Magnificent Self

Unknown-1For a few years now we are observing the world around us literary ‘heating up’ and expanding, as high intensity solar activity and photon energy (the latter being a magnetic flow of light on the galactic plane, along the Milky Way where there is a great concentration of stars that give birth to ‘photon light particles’) influences the magnetics and core make-up of Mother Earth and all of Humanity.


It is a natural galactic cycle bringing in new energies to expand and transform our old 3 Dimensional World of Duality, Fear, Limitation and Separation… to a Multi Dimensional World of Unity, Compassion, Cooperation and Authentic Power…

We observe our weather patterns changing, the uprising of people under dictatorship, the power and greed of governments no longer being tolerated, the foundations of our financial, economic, religious, spiritual and education systems wobbling, unbalanced relationships exploding and the limited and ego-minded physical body and mind becoming sick.


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In memory of Bill Hamilton… An inspiration to fellow COPD sufferers

In Memory of a fellow blogger Bill Hamilton who recently passed away… May your courage, love and humour continue to help many people find peace in their physical experience.  Thankyou for your true friendship Bill, IAM that much richer for having known you.  Please pass Bills wonderful blog on to fellow COPD Sufferers, to help inspire them to live a rich life without fear.



Whether someone we love moves away from us, whether their physical body dies and moves on to another realm or physically moves out of our life to live in another place, their  consciousness and love remains in our heart and around our being.  They are not separate from us, their consciousness is here, we just cannot physically see them, but we can sense them.  For whatever reason they have chosen to move away in order for the family to have a new experience.

Let us today sit quietly for a moment and take a conscious breathe.  Let us allow ourself to open up and connect with our own IAM presence, the divine part of us that lives in the core of our very being.  Let us expand our consciousness and join the consciousness of the people we love.  Let us sense them and love them.  Let us allow them and ourself to move on and have another experience in complete freedom.   Let us allow ourself to understand we are never alone, we are loved unconditionally by our Divine Self and are never separate from all our loved ones.

Let us remember who we truly are… Divine Light Beings having a physical Human experience and that all is well in all creation.

Freedom Is

Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

Humankind stand together in the name of LOVE… Sept 11th at 11am all over the world


It is a long and humid summer here in Florida and in-between short bursts of activity I have time to observe my interaction in life, ponder on what’s happening in the world and take care of myself, my family and my book (IAM editing it now). Tomorrow September 11th is a day many people will be remembering the horrendous terror that happened in New York 2001, the violence and murder all over the world and the fear of escalating terror that is happening now.

When someone knows they can no longer win, their determination increases to fight their last mightly fight.

That is what is happening now, the fight of all fights and it is essential that everyone understands this… THEY CANNOT WIN.  You ask why not?  Because the majority of humankind have already chosen the side of LOVE and GOODNESS and tippled the scales to our favour.  I know this for sure and I FEAR not.  IAM deeply connected to my core, to my soul and know I will be in the most perfect place always, no matter what happens to me.  I do not allow others to dominate and control me by FEAR and I will continue to radiate my love and light out into the world, shining my light onto all darkness and fear.  IAM a loving creator.

It is now time to choose and act in the name of LOVE and not FEAR, to trust our most magnificent and authentically powerful self.

One person who reflects their pure love is powerful and can create waves of change. Many people standing together in the name of LOVE can create enormous waves of change.

Let’s together change the headlines of all the newspapers and the speeches of all our leaders on Sept 11th at 11am all over the world.

Humankind stand together in the name of LOVE…
Remembering fellow mankind who have died and wonder how many more may be necessary… but they have NO FEAR and stand strong together in the name of LOVE. Their focus is on the creation of a most peaceful, cooperative and loving world in which to live in abundant joy, health and wealth.  Fear, manipulation, greed and control is no longer tolerated nor welcome in their life.


and so it is… Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness