How are YOU celebrating this FULL BLOOD MOON Party Weekend…

Barbara Franken SoulArt
27 September 2015

September 27/28. today and tomorrow we celebrate the end of a Full Blood Moon cycle. It is a 5-6 hour celebration party for you to enjoy the new photon energy pouring into our atmosphere at its highest potential… It is a magnificent opportunity to FEEL and DANCE with the energies and be open to connect with your highest potential, your Divine and all loving self that has waited so long for the Human to pay attention and be aware.

There has been a lot written about this weekends happening and depending on what you are focusing on, fear or love… you will attract it to read and it will strengthen your whole thought pattern and physical reality. So be aware of what you are thinking about and ask yourself… How do you want your life to be? What is your dream?

This is why, for the last 2 years, we have been focusing on embracing all of Self and releasing everything that no longer serves us. To be clear of our heart and soul’s desire we have to be empty of all our patterns and junk we have collected during all our lifetimes of duality and the Human game. It is time to set Self free and be concerned only for ourself… Yes there are things going on in the world, people in crisis… but now is not the time to focus on others… it is time to put yourself first. Choose for yourself, allow yourself to connect to the magnificence that you are, claim your light and be the beacon of light shining the way for others to join you in creating and living a life of heart and soul’s desire.

So today and tomorrow, give yourself the best ever gift and relax within yourself, plant your feet firmly on the Earth, breathe the conscious breath, accept and be with what is happening, how you are feeling, no matter what… enjoy this celebration… be the celebration… dancing under the stars, moon, the colourful energy coming into our physical reality and know that your Divine and loving self will bring you into the perfect moment.

Breathing In and Out…
Tummy pushing out and then relaxing…
Breathing deeply and calmly…
Allowing thoughts to pass by…
Focusing only on your conscious breath…
IAM that IAM…
An empty vessel connecting with my highest potential…
Breathing In and Out…
Feeling the tummy pushing out and then relaxing…
IAM that IAM…
Everything and Nothing…
Human and Divine…
IAM calm… IAM free…
I trust my highest potential to come in and serve me…
Breathing In and Out…

And so it is…

Love to you ALL… and ENJOY

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness 

Celebrating Week Two at MeMyMagnificentSelf…

Note to Self, easy. life is, celebration, flow, good, right on time. Barbara Franken-2

Another week has flown by and my inspiration and fingers are flowing… creating many posts for my 30 day challenge with Sarah and Kevin... IAM half way there… YES… so please bear with me… but do you know… so much great information is flowing and helping me organise myself. So here’s to celebrating my Week Two posts.

Here are the links to check last weeks posts, just in case you missed them.

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The Wellness Benefit of taking quiet Me-Time… A Silent Walk in Nature
In our busy and hectic life it is crucial that we find time to breathe, relax and rebalance our Body, Mind and Spirit (Body Consciousness) Here I share a Silent Walk in Nature with you all.

Loving Self First is…
Sharing with you an important part of Magdalena’s message to me… she was the first Elemental Being I perceived on my Journey of Freedom many years ago.

The Wellness Benefit of taking quiet Me-Time… Intuitive Painting
Not only is Intuitive Painting an ideal passive activity to relax our mind and body but it is an opportunity to bring us into contact with our Divine  expression.  Here I describe what you need and how you proceed to paint intuitively yourself at home or with a group of friends.

Intuitive Painting… Celebrating You…
I share a deeper insight into my SoulArt… Celebrating YOU… and explain how we tap into Consciousness and are able to receive not only our own answers and expression of our Divine self but of the expression of other people too.

What is Consciousness… and how is it Changing…
Sharing will you my perception of Consciousness, how it is Changing and how I want to create awareness for our expanding consciousness to children and adults locally and worldwide online through creative activities.

What is Awakening, Integration and Enlightenment…
I use the words, Awakening, Integration and Enlightenment a lot in my writings and forth coming book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom.  They mean different things to different people, but I wanted to explain what they mean to me.

Last weeks call to Action was as follows…
The other day I published my Image quote Loving Self First is… with a Call to Action that I have copied again here. One of my missions in life is to Create Awareness for Loving Yourself First… especially with our children… which I will be bringing the idea to them during my creative visits in local schools here in the province of Andalusia, Spain.

I would like to ask you, my friends, to write a small piece about your own experience loving yourself first and similar to our selection of True Awakening Experiences, creating a Free E Book to share and inspire others. You can post your quote on an image, quote, short story on your own blog in the Summer Months and mention this Call to Action… Lets call it… Why it’s important to Love Yourself First. I will collect a thread of all our posts, so you will be getting a lot of ping backs too… Thank you and here’s to us all being the change we want to see in the world.

Does anyone want to take up this challenge… or shall I allow it to pass by?

Todays Call to Action…
Please help me Create Awareness and pin my image and quote at the top of the page… Thank You.

IAM also celebrating my son’s birthday today… he is many miles away so I made him this card with the help of this awesome website……. I highly recommend it to my friends.

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…

What is Consciousness… and how is it Changing…

Sparkles on the water from James Ryle at

Sparkles on the water from James Ryle at

Have you seen the sparkles under the sunlight… dancing on the oceans… dancing in the air.. dancing around form and people? Have you imagined and seen the sparkles dancing in the nothingness within you. Consciousness is all around us and within us… it is what everything is made up of… and it is changing…

OK we may or may not imagine and be able to see it and we may or may not be able to feel it… so how can we describe consciousness? It is truly quite simple… It is awareness.

To be aware…  to realise.. to recognise… to perceive… to pay attention to… to be conscious… to be alive… to be mindful… to be enlightened…

It is to be aware of All of ourself, body, mind and spirit… past, future, present. I call it Body Consciousness… All of Self.  Humankind is naturally awakening to the truth of who we are, our perception is expanding as we become aware of the awareness we are.

Awareness or consciousness is expanding and changing… it has a new ingredient… You and Me. 

Consciousness is at the core of all life, it is who we are, interconnected with ALL. We are both unique and magnificent beings of consciousness experiencing life as we choose to create it in each moment… reflecting who we truly are… love, joy and harmony out into the Environment… and we are also part of the unity of all expression of life.

Earth and Humankind is taking a quantum leap onto a new level and into an unknown reality. You and me are the new standards… the new DivineHuman Master Creators exploring, discovering life beyond all that is know… Living in the New Energy Consciousness.

My passion and drive in life is to create awareness for this magnificent and expanding consciousness that we all indeed are… To bring it to children and adults locally and worldwide online through creative endeavours.  Playing, Singing, Dancing, Writing, Painting, Acting… and the conscious breathe.. where all life begins. Through love, joy and harmony we can inspire ourselves to realise who we truly are… DivineHuman Master Creators.

To bring this grand dream into reality, IAM preparing to publish my book… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom that recalls my own experience discovering Who IAM and realising love and freedom… to inspire others to realise their own Magnificent Self.

For the ones who want to commit and celebrate their own Master Creator Self… I have created Five Master Classes, (local and online) that take you deep into the core of consciousness itself. You enrol in a stage performance and love story of Your Magnificent Self. You take the leading role and are inspired to express your innate creativity through Play, Dance, Song, Art, Expanded Journeys and Celebration. Living in the New Energy Consciousness is about having fun, loving self, laughing, creating and being the Magnificent Creator Master each of us truly is.

Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom

Call to Action…
The other day I published my Image quote Loving Self First is... with a Call to Action that I have copied again here. One of my missions in life is to Create Awareness for Loving Yourself First… especially with our children… which I will be bringing the idea to them during my creative visits in local schools here in the province of Andalusia, Spain.

I would like to ask you, my friends, to write a small piece about your own experience loving yourself first and similar to our selection of True Awakening Experiences, create a Free E Book to share and inspire others. You can post your quote on an image, quote, short story on your own blog in the Summer Months and mention this Call to Action… Lets call it… Why it’s important to Love Yourself First. I will collect a thread of all our posts, so you will be getting a lot of ping backs too… Thank you and here’s to us all being the change we want to see in the world.

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness.

We are all Creative loving Beings…


Believe it or not… we are all creative loving beings, at least by nature we are born this way. So how come we don’t seem to remember this… instead of creating our joys we act quite differently, pretending to be serious, sad, depressed, bored, in a rush, tired, limited,  etc… IAM sure you get my drift.

Whatever has happened in our individual lives that has caused us to act so differently from our innate creative and loving self… I have good news… it doesn’t matter and it can be changed. We can change how we respond to life… We can begin to be aware… We can begin to be inspired…  We can begin to imagine waking up each morning with an inner yearning to spend this new and exciting day spontaneously BEING our heartfelt joy and passion…  no matter what we have to accomplish this day? We can allow ourselves to joyfully say…

Today IAM singing out loud… Today IAM creating beauty in my garden… Today IAM preparing food… Today IAM painting my dream vision… Today IAM at peace… Today IAM writing a poem… Today IAM taking photographs… Today IAM cleaning… Today IAM going to act as if IAM rejuvenated. 

When we allow ourselves to be mindful of all our daily doings and beings…we become aware of our creative expression that is played out in each moment… and recognise it is our signature of who we truly are… a creative being… our Creator Self. Our physical body then naturally aligns with our hearts desire and  we experience the expression of our soul and Divine essence.

Maybe we can remember how we felt as children or have the urge now to let our hair down, to enjoy some ‘me time’… to laugh, to act, to play, to create, to explore, to scream out loud and to have fun.

We have indeed all been brought up to be responsible, mindful and serious, but can we remain true to our heart and soul too? Allowing ourselves to feel the rhythm of life, pulsating through us, connecting us to an all loving presence? Relaxing into our own innate passion and joy that flows through us and out into the world…  allowing us to act spontaneously in the moment how we feel and create our life we have always dreamed of?

Or are we going to allow our chattering mind and important ego identity or other peoples fear, negativity and jealous nature, take over our very being and just plod along on our journey following the rest of society?

We can choose to change our ways of being… as I wrote about in another post last year… otherwise the world will help us on our way. But it is easier to just breathe a while and become aware of the passion and joy that flows as a strong force within and allow the creative being we are to move with the rhythm of life… inspiring us.. to live our grandest dream and be the Grand Creator we truly are.

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

AM I the Centre of the Universe…

flowers in a field, Barbara Franken, Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom, images-9

After a few years living in Holland as a young adult I signed up for a Self-Discovery Class to explore Who AM I… after many years of exploration one of my realisations was… that I AM the Centre of the Universe.  I don’t mean it in a selfish or arrogant manner but with the understanding that IAM inseparable from the Universe… and everything that surrounds me, supports me and makes it possible for me to be the centre of my universe and the focus for everything to come alive.

Alan Watts a well known psychologist once said I’m like a flower in a field. When you see a flower in a field, it’s actually like the whole field is flowering, because the flower couldn’t exist in that particular place without the rest of the field. You only find flowers in places where they have surroundings that will support them. In the same way, you only find human beings on a planet of this kind, with an atmosphere of this kind, and a temperature of this kind supplied by a convenient neighbouring star.

He went on to say…Just as the flower is a flowering of the field, I feel that I am a peopling of the whole universe. I seem to be a centre at which the entire energy of the universe realizes itself, or comes alive: a sort of aperture through which the universe appears. In other words, I am related to the universe as a center to a circumference. Each one of us—not only human beings, but every leaf, every weed, everything whatsoever—exists as it does only because everything around it exists as it does. Without the center, there is no circumference; without the circumference, there is no center. Each individual and its universe are inseparable.

In this way we are all the centre of the universe and have to take care of ourself so that we can function as a healthy part of all life. Yesterday I visited Puerto Banus with Tom and my dad who is visiting for a weeks holiday, we enjoyed a delicious Italian lunch and I popped into the local ladies boutique… I felt it was time to treat myself again to some new colourful summer clothes. I’ve always been attracted to colourful things, colour makes me smile, skip in my step and feel happy. I also take care that I feel relaxed, by not putting myself in positions that don’t feel good to me. In this way I stay balanced and whole. I clean my spaces where I find myself in, connecting with the energy of a room or a street and ask it to exchange its energy and come into balance. IAM also aware of the people I meet and places I visit… grateful for their nurture and support and know my own part in nurturing and supporting my environment in return., Barbara Franken, Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedommemymagnificentself, Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to FreedomYesterday in my blog post I thanked the magnificent local Costa Ladies that I have had the pleasure in meeting lately… we do indeed help and support each other… as most of us find ourselves here on the Costa without our family.  Today I would like to thank all my friends I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know here on WordPress. I can’t begin to explain what it means to me to have such kind and loving friends who are genuinely concerned about each other.

Before I close this post I wanted to bring up a post I wrote at the beginning of my WordPress journey Trusting my Knowingness… that all is well.  It is a continuation of the post I wrote the other day for my friends Cindy’s Retro Challenge and explains the main reason, why we are experiencing so much pain and discomfort in our physical bodies.

I close todays post from one centre of the universe that I know IAM to all the other centre’s out there. Together we make it possible to experience life here on Mother Earth. So lets make sure its the best experience ever… Let us all focus on experiencing our Heart and Soul desire and dare to stand up and shine our light.

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness.

Who Am I if not the reflection of JOY, LOVE and BEAUTY in the world…


Taking my daily morning walks along the ocean coast brings me into a special space… deep within my being… where I feel truly part of the natural world. With my conscious breath I breathe in the magnificent joy, love and beauty I see and feel all around me and know… this is who I AM.. IAM the reflection of my Environment… IAM my Environment.

For a long time now, I have carried in my heart and soul the grandest dream of bringing my Divine self into my physical Human reality… to allow my Divine self to shine through my Humanness and be able to experience the simple, sensual and passionate presence of life itself.

It is with this attitude of being joy, love and beauty that I live my life and I see that it is bringing in or attracting more of it into my life. Lately I have connected with lots of local  magnificent women here on the Costa del Sol… thanks to the online group Costa Women. Together we enjoy a great social and business life (the latter if applicable). I have a feeling that IAM not the only one that knows that it is up to each and every one of us to be in action and be responsible for creating our own life. I feel quite blessed at meeting such lovely women lately. Thankyou Costa Women.

costa women, Benalmadena

Torremolinos/Benalmadena Magnificent Costa Women

costa women Malaga

Malaga Magnificient Costa Women

Quite recently I have accepted a 30 day challenge as part of my PR campaign for the summer launch of my book… Your Magnificent Self.. A Journey to Freedom that is  inspiring me to be my very best self in the blogging world and learning so much about marketing. Please check it out… you never know if might help inspire you too.

So here’s to more and more of us reflecting the joy, love and beauty of our Environment and being the loving DivineHuman Beings we all truly are.

Have a great day, evening and until tomorrow… I wonder how IAM going to be inspired tomorrow…

Barbara Franken… Divine Master Creator…
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

True Love is… To truly LOVE yourself

truelove copy

It is not as harsh as it has been because IAM a bit more used to not always looking so ‘perfect’ (he he, ha ha…) and I have released and transformed lots of things since 2 years ago when I went through quite an intense time with myself… I’ve copied here below what I wrote because it is good to remember.

My friend Cindy at blue butterflies has a retro challenge that inspired me to bring back some dirty washing and see if its clean yet…

Well it’s nearly clean and I’m proud of myself for continuing to work on myself… for me the answer is True Love and loving yourself truly, no matter what. When IAM in this position of loving myself I no longer need to look outside of myself for answers or recognition and permission to just be myself however IAM in each moment.

Thank you Cindy, IAM having my Dad here for a week and going to enjoy doing tourist things… in between my 30 day blogging challenge that I have began as part of my PR campaign for the launch of my book… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom…

Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom

Written April 2013..

IAM LOVE…This last month has been really heavy for me… I feel the energies have intensified so much these past few weeks, vibrating at a very fast and high frequency… not only coming from the cosmos but also from the centre of the earth… like hot flames burning away all my yesterdays that no longer support me… my old ways, memories, habits, addictions, patterns etc… until IAM left with only a peaceful and solid sense of pure love, joy and light… As I wrote in a recent blog post, it’s taken a toll on my face.. there is no getting away from it… and it continues to flake, peeling all the layers of yesterday off… I feel like a snake shredding its skin.. going into another phase in life… So I do know it’s important for me to stay relaxed and peaceful and focus on healing and balancing my body consciousness. (body, mind and spirit)..

Last friday/saturday i ‘went into’ drama and started feeling sorry for myself, being the poor me and victim… that nothing works etc… and what happened… my face followed my thoughts and beliefs and I took a step back in my healing and my face became inflamed again… It was a way of reminding myself that I was not truly loving myself, not trusting myself to heal and knowing that IAM a magnificent light being in a physical body rebalancing my body consciousness… I knew I had to stay away from outside stress, to drink plenty of water, eat a little of good things I liked and to leave off the wine for a while.

So I thank myself for this test, although I failed, I will remember to focus on wholeness, on my truth, on my magnificence… instead of buying into the fear and victimhood…

I know that IAM not the only one going through this great shift of energy… we are all being confronted with our fears and having the chance now to release them and integrate fully with our soul, our IAM presence, our magnificent self… No-one else can help us, each one of us has our own unique wisdom inside of us to guide us home… guide us to be who we truly are… DivineHuman Beings…

It is up to ourself to make sure that our body, mind and spirit is healthy and vibrant so that we can totally care for our self first, our home, our relationship, our family and business… We have to stand up for ourself, find time to recharge our batteries, write everything down (because everyones memory is being rewired right now) so we remember everything important and make sure that we eat well, drink well and sleep well… We are the one that is responsible for everything in our life, everything that happens… and are the only one who can HELP OURSELF…

Know that YOU are made up of LOVE itself… no more searching… everything is right under your nose… Now is the time to allow yourself to shine, to sleep, to set boundaries at home and work… to say NO when things don’t work for you at that moment… to take charge of yourself, your life by focusing on creating your desires and be in JOY…

Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness


Celebration… Pain… and more Celebration…

 images-5 images-4images-3

What superb examples of being real, being amongst the people and enjoying a great celebration together… the Royal Family of Holland coming out into the streets year after year to celebrate with all the people the Kings/Queens birthday. Ever since I arrived in Holland in the early 80’s, I have enjoyed going out in the streets to celebrate this day with thousands of happy, smiley, laughing, dancing, singing people. Over the years Holland has made such a big impression on me, it is a country that is open, direct, tolerant, easy going and friendly. The uniqueness and magnificence of each person stands central in life… in this way there is less violence, addiction, teenage pregnancy and illness than most other western countries. So THANKYOU Holland for your wonderful presence in my life.  Here in Benalmadena, Spain we celebrate our life each day… but on Kings day we went all out.


A few days later we are celebrating another birthday… The birth of a new princess of Britain. Welcome dear one… I hope you are ready for your great task of helping to bring Great Britain back to a vibrant nation and more importantly bringing a smile and happiness back to its people. The following question comes to mind… Is it the people that make a country great or is it the country that makes a person great? I know my answer… whats yours?  It is a most important answer… because knowing the answer not only has an impact on each person’s life but will make the difference of how the voting goes in this weeks election in Britain.

…And when IAM not celebrating, I spend a little serious time, feeling into life and what’s happening around me… I feel into the energy, by simply expanding my consciousness. This last week I have been overwhelmed by pain… not particularly my own, although the days leading up to todays full moon has again brought me more accepting, embracing, allowing, releasing, etc etc… but from people who are suffering the invisible pains and one in particular… Fibromyalgia.

I brought my mum over to stay a month with me here in Spain, for her to get away from the cold British weather and her four walls. She has suffered for a few years with fibromyalgia… so I understand a bit about it from her point of few, because people can’t see it and that more than anything infuriates her. My friend Megan at my chronic life journey is writing an illustrated book about the dis-ease to bring more awareness into people’s life. My mum has been pampered for a month, eaten my great healthy food of low carbs and high good fat and has had her negative look on life frowned upon. Arriving back home she feels like she has been given a new lease of life. I’ve told her it’s important to keep up eating good foods and focusing on the good things in life… rather than eating sugar candies and cookies and focusing on how bad she is feeling… no matter the pain she feels.

Now going back to my feeling into pain and in particular Fibromyalgia... here is what information flowed through me. Now… please remember this is only my perspective and truth which your mind will probably think is crazy… but you can allow your heart to resonate with any truth there may be.


Why are more and more people feeling the intensity of pain in their physical bodies now?

Barbara’s answer:
Humankind is coming to the end of a long and hard Human experience . A new energy is now in play (that we have created) to help us open, awaken and expand our consciousness… awareness… perspective. To allow each heart to feel into the truth of our past experience and choose now to live a happy, healthy and abundant life in cooperation with each other.

We can only experience this happy ending, if we choose for it in the present moment. But because we are so stuck in the mind and our long Human experience of conflict, resistance, chaos, duality, patterns, control and pain we deny ourself this freedom.

Our ancestors and ourselves have lived many lives… living the different roles of poorman, richman, gentleman, lady, sickman, goddess, king, vampire, murderer, victim. Numerous roles for us to experience all the Earthy sensations. This long experience is now coming to its end, as we have all called it forth, in answer to our cries for no more suffering, control, greed and violence. Therefore, everything we have ever experienced is coming up and out into the open… even the darkness, our fears and pains that have been hidden away… for recognition before its ultimate release.

The pain and fear that we are experiencing now is not ours… it is the collection of all the roles we’re played… coming to its head and coming out through us…as the last in line. 

The pain is calling our attention… bringing us to a place within ourself and within the moment, where we can be aware that we are so much more than our Human self and experience. For us to recognise the pain for what it is…  old energy that no longer serves us, coming up to be accepted and embraced before its release. We can allow simply through our awareness… our consciousness the pain and fear to take a step back from its long service and be released.


Now it is time to celebrate again… Today is another full moon… helping us further release more of all our yesterdays… all the pain and fear… and prepare ourselves for Humankinds next step… creating and celebrating how we truly desire to live in each moment… Are you ready to celebrate?

Love to all and be brave, because the energy is harsh… just breathe the conscious breath… simply… nothing more to do but be aware and allow the change to naturally happen.

Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to FreedomMy book that IAM self-publishing is taking a little longer than expected to publish… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom. It is dedicated to YOU, to inspire hearts to open and expand consciousness for each person to discover their own truth… Pain as I talk about above is one of our body’s ways to inspire us to look deeper into the core of ourself and discover our truth.

IAM paying forward in my own way to Humankind and giving away FREE copies of my E-Book for a while… . If you would like to receive a free copy once it is published, please send me an email to and I’ll add you to my list… 

Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…

Awakening and Integration is brutal and harsh… quiet and peaceful…

Barbara Franken

A sunny peaceful day in Benalmadena Costa

It is all happening now… quiet tranquil days of sunshine, feeling peaceful, calm and having lots of sleep… followed by stormy and wet days, feeling boundaries being crossed, stripped naked of comfort and familiarity and finding no rest or sleep. Pounding heads and hearts, painful joints and organs, weakness, skin irritations, indigestion and imbalance… falling down… and on and on the cycles come and go.

We are ALL in our own unique way experiencing the great shift of consciousness… that is naturally happening on Earth and to ALL Humankind at this moment. Natural CHANGE to CONSCIOUSNESS… that we are.  Earth and all HumanKind are naturally detoxifying our low, limited and fearful vibration and upgrading to a high loving and joyful vibration.

The detoxification and upgrade is brutal and harsh at times, rubbing our ego identity and physical body down to our bare essence… but we have to remember that times of peace and calmness follow… for us to catch our breath and relax… before the next onslaught.

All our nonsense and fear has to go… negative thoughts, excessive thinking, control, unconsciousness, unawareness, processing, programming, old behaviours, ancestral influences… Everything has to be either owned or released. We have to become empty yet complete vessels… for our Magnificent and Divine self, integrated with the essence of our Human love and wisdom to shine through our physical body.

Hang in there... and keep your hat on... Barbara x

Hang in there… and keep your hat on… Barbara x

When we are aware of this natural shift of consciousness, that I have been experiencing for the last 20 odd years, we can be the quiet observer of this wonderful and unique opportunity. We can allow ourselves to discern what pains and fears are our own, release everything that is not and embrace and own everything that we choose to make us whole. We are coming to the end of this shift… from living in a dual world of fear vs love to living in a world of unity, love and joy… so we are feeling the intensity now.

People who remain unaware of the happenings around them and focus only on their pain and lack will get swallowed up in the chaos. People who are addicted to drugs/alcohol or may be taking a high dosage of anti-depressants could be numbing their feelings and awareness and be a perfect target for mind-control. A game that power-hungry and evil groups play with. (Observing the Malaysian and German pilots).

It is essential for each one of us to pay attention, care and put ourself first. Drink enough water, eat lots of veg/fruit and a bit of protein.. Chicken Soup is a great comfort too. Dump the excess stodgy carbs… they are poison to the body. Walk a little if you can or imagine you are walking. Smile just because you made it to a new day. Breathe consciously and deeply each morning and evening for about 10 minutes…. saying I EXIST.. this aligns our Human self with our Divine self. Find a balance between working and relaxing.

When we care for ourselves we are acting in compassion and awareness… as examples for our children and neighbours to follow suit. Love… Love and Love yourself first and foremost. Thank you.

Rough seas and garbage spewed over the boundary walls.

Rough seas and garbage spewed over the boundary walls.

This mornings stormy walk by the ocean showed me quite clearly and to the point… the immenseness and greatness of the cleansing that is taking place now within the Earth and within each person… boundaries are being crossed and garbage being spewed up and expelled. I know it is a little painful… I have fallen down a couple of times now… (warning me to be super careful) but with knowingness, trust, a spring in our step and smile on our face, we can hang on and get through it the best we can.

Me, My Magnificent Self... My Journey to Freedom By Barbara Franken... DivineHuman Master Creator

Me, My Magnificent Self… My Journey to Freedom
By Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator

My first book… Me, My Magnificent Self… My Journey to Freedom will be born shortly... at least the E-book that I want to give as a gift to friends and family for a while. 

I’ve always liked the thought of people paying forward, asking others to do the same in their own unique way until we all have everything we desire. 

I’ve drawn up a list of people interested to receive and read my unique and magical true story that describes my journey through My Awakening, Integration and Enlightenment. If you would like to receive it too… please email me at and I’ll send you a copy as soon as it’s published… (may/jun).

I began writing about my true experience, expanding out of my Human limited identity into an infinite and time-less space of who I truly AM  Me, My Magnificent Self… DivineHuman Master Creator… to visualise and record the potential that I found here and now that is available to everyone who is aware and chooses for themself… to inspire others to realise and experience their own magnificence, potential and truth. And so it came into being as my gift to YOU.

If after you read my book, you would like to review it and share how it resonated with you… I’d love it…  If after you read my book, you share with me any writing errors… I’d love it too… If after you read my book, you tell all your friends and family about my book and spread the ‘good word’ around your network… I’ll love you… probably forever.

A brief introduction to… Me, My Magnificent Self… My Journey to Freedom… By Barbara Franken DivineHuman Master Creator…
…It was not until my husband Tom and I moved to a peaceful and tranquil part of Southern Spain, that I could truly relax and open fully to the natural world, the present moment and my core truths. These truths were made clear to me in the form of nine Elemental Beings as I began to perceive them. They were all aspects of me, separated during many lifetimes on Earth… but now I was choosing to bring all parts of myself back together as ONE Body Consciousness.
My First Elemental friend was Magdalena…
…I asked myself what this loving feeling was and understood that it was my true Divine and timeless self naturally unfolding and integrating within my Human self. I imagined a beautiful guardian angel, Magdalena sitting beside me and rocking me back and forth. She had come to share her loving wisdom with me. Magdalena explained that she was the part of me that radiated pure love throughout my being and beyond, a timeless consciousness of light that emanated my true sovereignty and magnificence from within. I was an amazing beauty that could feel safe knowing that no one, Human, Spirit or Alien would ever waste their time intruding or playing games with such a loving and beautiful presence.

Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…
Barbara FrankenEnergy Consciousness allows everyone who individually chooses to listen to their own heart and participate in their own truth of being their Magnificent Self and Master Creator… to expand into a new experience of no-time and go beyond the limited mind and physical reality and live a life of joy, harmony and freedom. New Energy Consciousness is filled with abundant potential… beyond everything imaginable or ever experienced. It allows Magnificent Master Creators to live and experience the embodiment of their Divine IAM presence, here on Mother Earth… experiencing being New Energy Pioneers and Grand Master Creators we all truly are.

Celebrating BIG time… 80 and 50 years young…

IMG_4843The beginning of a week of celebrations for our family…

For a long time Tom and I have had our eye on a spectacular journey through the English countryside, back in time… and what a perfect time to organise it… for Barrie/my dad on his 80th birthday.  Barrie has always been crazy about steam trains, so when we found the Belmond British Pullman (Belmond, an American Company recently bought the Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express Business) was available for a journey back in ‘The Golden Age of Steam Travel’, we began to ‘secretly’ arrange it all.  Barrie and my sister Angie came down to London on thursday night and here we are above on the eve of our mystery celebration journey.

Novemember 7th The taxi took us through the London streets to Victoria Station where we walked through to the departure boards… ‘Are we going on a rail journey?’ Barrie asked.  It was all quite exiting.  To the left I saw platform 2 where we had to be, we walked along the platform and came across a red carpet, a 1920’s brass band playing and a grand entrance… to the Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express.

IMG_4850 IMG_4853

We checked in and received our boarding tickets for our seating in the grand old carriage Gwen…. she had been in service in Britain on the Brighton Belle 1934 – 1972, the first all-electric Pullman car train in the world.  It operated between London and Brighton.  It’s lavish interior of plush carpets, velvet upholstery, marquetry panels, fronted glass lampshades and brass fittings was nothing but luxury at its very best and available to shuttle the wealthy and distinguished travellers around Britain and the new continent.

Life took on major change in the 1960’s and 1970 and the British Pullman trains/carriages were pulled out of service and either sold off or left for the scrapheap. But a man, James Sherwood had a dream… to revive the legendary Orient-Express.  He located all the lost carriages and acquired 35 historic sleepers, pullmans and restaurant cars and using both new technology and the original marquetry business, together they restored the carriages and engines to their former fame and glory. 1981 saw the re-launch of the Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express from London Victoria Station.  The cars were all stars once again, palaces on wheels, for all to enjoy.

So here we were, walking up to the front of the British Pullman 35028 (in service from 1948 until 1967) and now once again in service to us for a wonderful journey back in time.  We were greeted like royalty and seated in one of the closed compartments in Gwen’s luxurious carriage. A thick linen cloth decked the table and china, silverware and crystal glistened as the sun shone in through the window. Before we could take in and register this grand abundance of richness, the champagne was served and we tasted the delicious hors d oeuvres.

IMG_4874 IMG_4862 IMG_4885 IMG_4869

IMG_4900 IMG_4899

IMG_4902 IMG_4905 IMG_4909

We left the station, smoke bellowing along side the carriage, we heard the nostalgic sound of ‘chuff chuff’ as we gained speed, the smell of the coal being fired up and the ‘woo woo’ signal as it approached each station… Our throats were filled with joy and tears came to all our eyes as we were taken back in a time of ‘no time’ with richness all around our magnificent and distinguished self’s.  This was our celebration, we found ourselves in a time capsule, peaceful and truly out of this world…a once in a lifetime experience… quite beyond words to write down.  Instead our hearts and souls expanded and took it all in as we enjoyed the wonderful five course lunch, plenty of champagne, wine, port and liquors, blue skies and sunshine (in England…), lighting up the beautiful lush countryside of SouthEast England.

IMG_4921 IMG_4925 IMG_4927 IMG_4928

Four hours later our journey had come to its end in London Victoria where we disembarked the British Pullman with big smiles and feelings of deep joy and gratitude.  We said our thankyou’s and goodbye’s and made our way back home.  IMG_4931IMG_4939IMG_4947

So Barrie was exceptionally happy today… 80 years old, still wonderfully healthy and active with optimism and a positive attitude which I knew takes everyone into a grand old age of thriving and continuous celebration with family and friends.

We travelled back by modern electric train to Derby and prepared for our next celebration. Angie was becoming 50 years young… which we again celebrated in style together with family and friends in Shardlow… thanks to Jon her boyfriend and friend Tracy for organising it all.  Here’s a few pictures to enjoy… (please note the face masks of Angie that we all wore… just to confuse her) and what do you know… after the wonderful meal Jon got down on his knees in front of us all and asked Angie to marry him.

IAM so so happy… My little sister has found a magnificent person in Jon, a kind active and happy gentleman… Jon, welcome to the family, Tom and I love having you as our younger brother… and looking forward to many more family ‘once in a lifetime’ journeys in the world.  



IMG_4968 IMG_4966 IMG_4981 IMG_4986



Thanks to all our family and friends who want to share an extraordinary life with us. Until the next time I put pen to paper… IAM so involved in day to day experiences and focusing on my first book and painting (intuitively from peoples names/passion/colour/birthplace)…  my book will be ready soon and my first painting by name is here… Please have patience, I’ll be back more regularly soon…


Barbara Franken… Inspiriing New Energy Consciousness…